Velvet Pillows

Well, it is officially fall where I live and the lower temps make me want to add some co-co-cozy to my home.  I think rich velvet is such a wonderful way to add depth and comfort to your home.  I have always been a big fan of velvet sofas, however, I don’t think I would want to live with one year round.  So, in the fall, I like to incorporate velvet pillows into my home decor.

See how cozy and rich the velvet pillows look in the interiors below.

Velvet Pillow 2

 Dalla Polvere via Domaine Home

Velvet Pillow 7


Velvet Pillow 4

 Nicole Crowson

Velvet Pillow 6


Velvet Pillow 5

Decor 8

Velvet Pillow 3

Pretty Petals

Velvet Pillow 1

A perfect Gray

Velvet Pillow PB

Pottery Barn

Ikea, Pier 1, and H&M all have ridiculously affordable velvet pillow covers in an array of beautiful colors.  This one from Ikea is only $7. Such an affordable update for fall!


Do you like the rich look and feel of velvet?  Do you incorporate it into your home decor?  Etsy has a ton of amazing velvet pumpkins that make such a chic alternative to standard pumpkins.


  1. Ummm, yes. I love velvet pillows. I find guests love them too. They always end up “petting” them as we sit and chat. (I guess since we don’t have pets, they make up for that!)

  2. Oh yes, velvet pillows are so comfy and cozy! I can’t help but use one on my family room couch all year long.:-). I also have found that I love velvet drapes. Target has a nice line of them at great prices!

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