This Is Why I Thrift . . .

So, I got the Ballard Designs catalog in the mail yesterday.  If you have not checked out Ballard Designs, it is a must, even if just for inspiration!  Some of their decor is reasonable and some is expensive (but hey, then it is a challenge to try and find a knock-off, right?)

As I was casually flipping though it, I noticed this vanity stool.

Ballard Designs Vanity Stool Evelyn Vanity Stool

Ballard vanity stool 2

It looked oh so familiar to this stool I found while shopping at the Sacramento Antique Faire.



Wait for it . . . I paid $15 for this stool and could have probably talked them down if I had been in the mood to bargain.  The Ballard Designs version is $300!

This piece is so versatile and the possibilities are endless.  You could use it in a bathroom, in a dressing room, in a living room for extra seating, or even outdoors.  I am thinking I will make a cushion cover and use it in one of my daughter’s rooms as a vanity stool.  How cute wold this be with a custom fabric on it in a little girls room??

For right now, I just thew an extra pillow (Nate Berkus for Target) on top of it and am using it for extra seating until I have a more permanent place for it.


If you live in the Sacramento area you have to check out the Sacramento Antique Faire.  It is an outdoor antique marketplace held the second Sunday of every month. There are hundreds of dealers from all over Northern California and it is a great source for interior design and is a bargain hunters dream!

I am still delirious over the fact that I got this timeless, versatile piece for  just $15.  I guess you could say I have a case of “Decorating Delirium.”   And this my friends, is why I thrift!

Have you found any bargains lately?   Found a copy-cat version of a designer look?  If so, please tell me all about it in the comments!


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