Thinking Outside The “Bowl”

So last night I was doing the much dreaded task of cleaning our fish bowl.  Did I buy the fish? Noooooo.  Did I want another pet?  Nooooo.  Am I the only one who feeds and cleans its bowl? Yes, of course!

Well, since no good deed goes unpunished, as I was cleaning the grimy fish bowl, I accidentally cracked it hard enough that water started leaching out everywhere!!  Out of desperation, I placed our beloved fish Rainbow into my favorite Kate Spade crystal vase.  This is one of my favorite wedding gifts and it now houses a fish and plenty of its poop!  Family heirloom no more I tell ya!

6253603-Larabee-Dot-Rose-Bowl So, this got me to thinking about creative ideas for fish bowls.  Since my husband bought a basic round glass one, I thought I would be fun to try something different this time around.  Here are some fun ideas I found:

fish bowl 2 high fashion home

 High Fashion Home

fish bowl 3 antique gumball

Addicted to Decorating


fish bowl 1 target



fish bowl 4

7 Gadgets


fish bowl 5

What option should I choose for little Rainbow?  And please tell me I am not the only one stuck with pet “rearing” duties!


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