5 Minute DIY

I have had a slight obsession with spray paint these days.  It has so many wonderful advantages.  It is cheap, dries fast, comes in an array of colors, and it very easy to apply.  I am so design obsessed, I will walk around my house finding things to paint just to get a fix when I can’t afford to go shopping.  Sometimes, you just HAVE to paint it NOW, right??

My latest spray paint obsession is gold spray paint and when I saw this gold faux coral at ZGallerie, I knew I could do a fast and easy knock-off.

z gallerie faux gold coral ZGallerie Faux Coral

I am lucky in that I live relatively close to the beach here in California and I have an overstock collection of shells and coral to select from that I have collected throughout my life.  I had a piece of coral that had seen better days and had turned a slightly grey color.  I knew it was the perfect candidate for a makeover!

Here is the final result:

IMG_3762 (1)


Total cost: $0

Total Time:  5 minutes (for the paint to dry between coats)

My husband thinks I am crazy, but I just can’t stop spray painting things.  I keep telling him it’s better than going to the mall for retail therapy, right?

Go out and paint something today.  I promise it will make your day!