$100 Pottery Barn Gift Card Winner and Find Me On Periscope

Hi friends!  I wanted to pop in this weekend and announce the winner of the $100 Pottery Barn gift card.

Pottery Barn Giveaway

Karen Dunlap you are the lucky winner!!  I have e-mailed you the details.  Happy shopping!!

I also wanted to do a little public service announcement on a fun new social media outlet called Periscope.  Long story short, Periscope is a very new social media app that allows users to broadcast live anytime anywhere.  It is brought to you by Twitter.  Once you begin to follow people you will get an announcement that they are live and you can interact with them in real-time.  It is sort of like Facebook or Instagram with video.

You might be thinking- oh  no, another social media to learn and distract from my life.  But Periscope is actually really fun, and sort of addictive.  As a DIY blogger, I really like it in that I can live broadcast a DIY project or ask for opinions on decorating projects.

I am now on Periscope and the fun thing is it is so  new, no one knows what they are doing!  If you watch one of my broadcasts you will crack up.  I am trying to talk while focusing my camera and then trying to flip the screen all while responding to comments.  Hot mess.  I am sure I will get better, but definitely not for the amateur.

I have a feeling Periscope is going to catch on and become pretty big.  So my advice to you is to go here and take 5 minutes to sign up for Periscope.  Even if you don’t want to use it right away, you can snag your username of choice before it is taken!  Then once you are signed up, be sure to find me @Decordelirium.  I plan to broadcast lots of DIY tips and projects as well as some fun glimpses into our life.

PSA over.  Go back to your regularly scheduled programming and have a great rest of the weekend!