If Money Were No Object

Up next in this series is outdoor furniture.  I am seeing all kinds of sales this time of year and am so tempted to buy something (even if I have to wait a year to use it!) I am sad to admit that we have NEVER purchased our own outdoor furniture.  At our first home, we had a set that came from my husband’s uncle.  Currently, we have a set that was handed down from my parents.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice set from Crate and Barrel, but it is showing its age and is not what I would buy today if I had a choice.

Sooo, moving on to what I WOULD buy. . .  I have been drooling over the ridiculously priced Provence Collection from Restoration Hardware. Maybe it is because their outdoor furniture collections are photographed in the most beautiful photo locations on EARTH.  Calgon take me away . . . but I feel like I have literally been transported to France.

Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture

Provence Collection

The large outdoor sofa in gray is $2,680.  I think that is more than I would spend on an INDOOR sofa. But, if money were no object, it would be mine!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I will be dreaming of Provence.