Favorite Outdoor Pillows

Hi loves!  I have major spring fever and after putting together my Patio Style Challenge for Home Depot, I have scoured sources for outdoor pillows.  I love it that there are so many options these days, and these pillows look high-end and almost good enough to use indoors.  The range of patterns and colors has really expanded in recent years.  Gone are the days of boring beige canvas!

Here is a selection of my favorite outdoor pillows.  They range in price from low to high and can be found at all different sorts of retailers.  Do you think I have blue and green on the brain or what???

OB-Outdoor Pillows Geo / Lattice / Scallop / Greek Key / Ikat / Tassel

Aren’t these fabulous? Can you tell which ones are from a big box store and which are super high-end? See, you can get the look for less!  Stay tuned as I am going to do a round-up of the best outdoor fabric you can buy and use to make your own fabulous pillows.

Until next time  . . . .



Velvet Pillows

Well, it is officially fall where I live and the lower temps make me want to add some co-co-cozy to my home.  I think rich velvet is such a wonderful way to add depth and comfort to your home.  I have always been a big fan of velvet sofas, however, I don’t think I would want to live with one year round.  So, in the fall, I like to incorporate velvet pillows into my home decor.

See how cozy and rich the velvet pillows look in the interiors below.

Velvet Pillow 2

 Dalla Polvere via Domaine Home

Velvet Pillow 7


Velvet Pillow 4

 Nicole Crowson

Velvet Pillow 6


Velvet Pillow 5

Decor 8

Velvet Pillow 3

Pretty Petals

Velvet Pillow 1

A perfect Gray

Velvet Pillow PB

Pottery Barn

Ikea, Pier 1, and H&M all have ridiculously affordable velvet pillow covers in an array of beautiful colors.  This one from Ikea is only $7. Such an affordable update for fall!


Do you like the rich look and feel of velvet?  Do you incorporate it into your home decor?  Etsy has a ton of amazing velvet pumpkins that make such a chic alternative to standard pumpkins.

DIY Placemat Pillow

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite tips for affordable pillows.   I love to use table linens such as placemats and napkins to make pillows.  Many companies such as Pottery Barn have the same patterns and prints they feature on their expensive pillow covers also available on their table linens.

photo (2)

This technique could not be simpler, and it is a great idea to use for seasonal decor.  I have a hard time spending $40 on Christmas pillows that I will use only for a few weeks.  This is a much more affordable alternative.

I wanted to add some rustic fall elements to our home and I found these simple placemats for a steal at Homegoods.

Here is what you will need:


Poly-Fil (Polyester Fiber)-I got mine at Joann here.

Seam Ripper- I got mine at Joann here for about $2.00.

Needle and thread


Step 1– Take your seam ripper and gently start removing the stitches from one corner of the placemat.  I only remove enough of the seam to allow my hand to fit in to stuff the stuffing (about 3-4 inches).


Step 2– Start stuffing the placemat with the Poly-Fil.  For best results, I recommend using small portions at a time and then massaging it around in your hands before stuffing it in the mat. Most brands of Poly-Fil also come with a stick that you can use to press the stuffing into the corners.

Step 3 – Use a needle and thread to hand stitch the opening closed and voila you have a new pillow.  Here is how mine turned out and I love it.  It only cost me about $5.00 for one!

Placemat Pillow 2

Placemat Pillow

Do you have any tips or tricks for inexpensive pillows?  I would love to hear in the comments!



Waste Not Want Not

So, I was puttering around the house over the weekend and I had a stroke of genius.

The bedding in my bedroom is the Hotel Collection bedding from Macy’s that we got for our wedding many years ago.  If you got married anywhere around 2004 you have probably seen it or have it!  It was super popular.  It is color block in a light beige.  It is so old I couldn’t even find pictures of it!

I love it and it has held up well for almost 10 years.  However, I was growing a bit bored of .  That was until I ran into some of the extra Greek Key trim I used for this curtain project!

I had a bolster pillow that was just screaming for some love, so I used Fabric Glue (Fabri-Tac) to easily glue on the left over trim.

Pillow WM


Not a bad update for costing me nothing.  I have also added more texture and pillows in the same color scheme to my bed in order to liven up the bedding.

Here is how it looks now with a few updates!

Bedding watermark

bedding watermark 2



I am so glad I held on to that small amount of left over trim.  I knew I would use it someday.

Waste not want not!  Happy Monday everyone!!