Lutyens Love

Hi friends!!  Over the weekend I made a fun purchase and it is a knockoff of the bench in the image below.  This style of bench is called a Lutyens bench in honor of Sir Edwin Lutyens.  He was a famous British architect who created the style of the bench.  My best friend growing up had them at her home, and I have loved them ever since.  They just scream elegant English garden, right?

They can be very pricey from places like Restoration Hardware, but as you will see below, I found a smaller version for a very reasonable price.  The lines are so beautiful, it looks great in black, white, or even natural teak.  It is so pretty you could even use it indoors.

Lutyens 1


Lutyens 2


Lutyens 4


Lutyens 5


Lutyens 6


If you need one more reason to love the Lutyens bench, I think I found one!  This must be from a Polo ad, right?  I will take it!

Lutyens 7

Source- unknown

I purchased this one from Hayneedle and it was on sale for only $250!  Such a great price.  I heard about it from my blogging friend Pam over at Simple Details (that girl knows how to find a deal!)  It is the perfect size for this small covered spot I have on my porch.

Lutyens 8

This beauty is from Walmart and it is only $129.  Talk about getting the look for less.

Lutyens 9

What do you think?  Timeless or too traditional?  As soon as mine arrives, I will snap some shots to share with you.

Stay tuned because later in the week, I have an awesome giveaway for you.  You won’t want to miss it.



5 Ideas for Bringing Indoor Furniture Outdoors

Happy Monday friends!  Ugh it has been one of those weeks.  For no particular reason, I feel extremely behind on life, work, everything.  I think it was Easter that through me off.  We were gone all day at events and I woke up on Monday feeling like I needed an extra day.  Can anyone else relate?

Well, I am gearing up to tackle our yard and I was thinking back to my Patio Style Challenge I did last year for the Home Depot.  I realized just how much indoor furniture I pulled to use in my outdoor space. There are all kinds of tips and tricks for making indoor furniture work outside. After all, the best outdoor spaces are the ones that feel like an outdoor living room or an extension of the interior.  Here are my top 5 indoor pieces that can be incorporated outside.

Jennifer Lippi Patio Style Challenge 9

Number 1:  Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Their versatility is in the name itself.  These hard-working rugs can work indoors or out.  Nothing makes a patio feel more like an extension of a home than a rug.  They anchor the space and help with furniture placement.

Gone are the days of only a few patterns and colors.  If you can dream it up, they probably have an outdoor rug in that color or pattern.  Also there are quite a few ways to spruce up an affordable yet plain outdoor rug from a big box store by painting it with a stencil.  Type in DIY Outdoor Rug into Pinterest and you will have ideas for days!!

patio 4


Patio 9

Ballard Designs

Number 2:  Garden Stools

These Asian ceramic beauties are totally weather-proof and work as beautifully outdoors as indoors.  I have several garden stools I routinely swap between the indoors and outdoors.  They can provide extra seating and can serve as a side table as well.  Just hose them down when you are ready to bring them inside.

Patio 11

David Duncan Livingston via

Patio 2


These garden stools sold at the Home Depot are resin and made for outdoor use.  They are very affordable and can be painted any color you like.  I chose a Chartreuse!

Jennifer Lippi Patio Style Challenge 13

Number 3: Outdoor Pillows

Nothing finishes off an outdoor space more than outdoor pillows.  They are an affordable way to switch things up every few years.  In fact, my pillow hoarding habit has grown to include outdoor pillows!

You can even get them with all kinds of flair such as trim and tassels at online retailers such as Frontgate.

Patio 7


Have a fabric you love and want to use it outdoors?  Rustoleum’s Never Wet to the rescue.  It is a waterproofing treatment that can be used on fabric to make it water and fade resistant.

Patio 8

Number 4: Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are definitely a go-to for me to give my outdoor space that “living room” feel. They add privacy and can double as a decorative focal point.  You can use curtain tie-backs to give them that finished look.  You can also DIY them on the cheap using drop clothes and  finish them off with a painted border or Duct tape on the border.

Patio 6


Patio 5


Number 5: Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and can be a great focal point for outdoor decor.  They just scream “secret garden” to me! Mirrors can also be sealed and weather-proofed in order to protect them from the elements.

Patio 10


Decorating Delirium Home Tour Patio

If you have a covered patio, your options are endless.  You can bring in a light fixture, lamps, console tables, art work and more.  About 80 percent of the furniture on my patio below is from inside.

Jennifer Lippi Patio Style Challenge 9

Do you ever incorporate indoor items into your outdoor space?  Any tips on prepping them for the elements?



DIY Towel Tree

Jennifer Lippi Patio Sytle Challenge Maybe Text

Hi friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We did and now we are off on a trip to Disneyland!  Time will tell if we leave it the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

I am so excited to be participating in a new series with some super talented bloggers.  We will be blogging on a new topic each month.  As spring is in the air, this month we are blogging about all things outdoors. I am really excited about the project I have to share with you today.

It has felt like spring here in California for a while.  In the spring and summer, our family spends a ton of time in the pool.  One of the things that drives me crazy is that my kids leave their pool towels in a heap on the ground and they never dry out and I have to bring them in and wash them.  Actually, now that I think about it, the same thing happens inside!!

I found a fun DIY fix to this problem.  It is called a towel tree and it is made out of very basic materials from the Home Depot.

DIY Towel Tree

Here is what you will need:


  • drill
  • pipe cutter
  • screwsetter bit
  • measuring tape
  • carpenter’s square
  • 7/8″ wood bit


  • 4 x 4 cedar (4 1/2′)
  • 5/4 x 6 cedar (6′)
  • outdoor wood glue
  • 3/4″ copper pipe (12′)
  • 3/4″ copper end caps (4)
  • post cap
  • paint or wood sealer/finish

Here is what you do:

  1. Cut the main post and feet to size. See the diagram here.  Sand these pieces before assembly, and use a screwsetter bit in all screw locations.
  2. Using a 7/8″ wood bit, drill 2 holes in the post for the 3/4″ copper pipe as indicated.
  3. Install the four feet, using outdoor wood glue and 2″ deck screws. Use a carpenter’s square to ensure that the post is vertical to the base. Apply glue, secure each foot with one screw then set the second screw when the leg is at right angles to the post.
  4. Cut two lengths of 3/4″ copper pipe to size, and insert them through the pre-drilled holes in the post. Cap each end with a 3/4″ end cap.
  5. Using a little glue or caulking, attach the post cap.

If you need more detail, you can see the formal plans and specifications here.

Isn’t this a fun solution?  You could even use it to hang swim suits out to dry.  I am also really pleased with how the copper looks against the white.

So far, my children have not become so lazy that hanging it on one of these low hangers is too much trouble.  But  . . . time will tell!

For more outdoor inspiration, definitely hop over to these amazing blogs to see what fun outdoor ideas my blogging buddies have to share.

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Sources for Outdoor Fabric

Happy Friday everyone! I cannot believe it is Friday already. I am putting the final touches on my patio for the Patio Style Challenge this weekend.

I posted the other day about my favorite outdoor pillows. Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite sources for outdoor fabric. If you can sew, you can save a ton of money by making your own pillows. Sewing a basic pillow is very easy and there are a ton of easy tutorials on You Tube and Pinterest.

I used to think I could not learn to sew, but I am living proof that even a novice can learn. I had a really bad experience taking sewing lessons from this mean, Tiger mom instructor that totally turned me off. It was not until my sweet mother-in-law took me under her wing, that I realized how simple it can be.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite sources for outdoor fabric. Most of the selections are around $9 a yard, which is so affordable!!

My first go to is Fabric Guru.   They have an amazing selection and you can sort by color.  Their shipping is also only $4.99 for any size order.  Here are some of my favorites:

Fabric Guru Outdoor fabric 1

Fabric Guru Outdoor fabric 3

Fabric Guru Outdoor Fabric 2

Next up is  They also have a great selection and shipping is free on orders over $35.  My sweet friend Tamara over at Provident Home Design, had a great tip for shopping with them.  If her order is under $35, she will search on Amazon because also sells many of their fabrics there and the shipping is only $2.00.  Here are some of my favorite picks from

Joann outdoor fabric 2 fabric 3 outdoor fabric 1 outdoor fabric 2 outdoor fabric 3 outdoor fabric

Joann is one of my go-to sources.  They have a really good selection both in store and online, but I really like the fact I can go into the store and see the fabric for myself.  One of my tips for buying fabric online is to Google the fabric name.  Often times you can find a product or photo where the fabric is used in a home, so you can get a better feel for the pattern and actual color.  Here are my favorite picks from Joann (pretty nice for a craft store!)

joann outdoor fabric 3

Joann Outdoor Fabric

Joann outdoor fabric 2

joann outdoor fabric 4

Finally, here are my picks for outdoor fabric with orange incorporated.  My sweet aunt is wanting to add some outdoor pillows to her lovely outdoor living space and she is a big fan of orange.  All of these patterns are from Fabric Guru!

Fabric Guru Outdoor Fabric orange


Fabric Guru Outdoor fabric orange 6

Fabric Guru Outdoor Fabric Orange 4

Fabric Guru Outdoor fabric orange 3

Fabric Guru Outdoor Fabric orange 5

Do you have a go-to source for fabric or outdoor fabric?  Do tell in the comments.  I am always on the lookout for new sources.  With a little DIY prowess you can really score big and make affordable pillows for your outdoor living areas.

Happy Friday!!




Exciting New Project!!

Hey lovelies!!  Happy Friday!  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my sneak peek into a project I am working on.  This project actually involves a bunch of small projects rolled into one!

Home Depot Style Challenge 2015

Well, now I can finally reveal what this big project is for . . . I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am going to be a Style Challenge Blogger for the Home Depot in the 2015 Patio Style Challenge! If you have never heard of the Patio Style Challenge, it is where the Home Depot asks designers and design bloggers to style a yard, patio, porch, etc., using one of their 2015 patio sets as the centerpiece.  It involves a ton of creativity and DIY!

If you want to follow along behind the scenes, make sure to follow me on Instagram or the Patio Style Challenge board on Pinterest.  I will be sure to share my patio’s progress.  Of course the Big Reveal of the BIG PROJECT will be featured on Home Depot’s blog The Apron.  I have a lot of fun projects, big and small to share!

I am so lucky it is truly spring where I live compared to other bloggers who are shoveling snow back east.  In the meantime, you can probably find me covered in dirt, paint and sweat hauling things home from the Home Depot.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting project!



Soaking Up The Sun: Sunrooms

The weather here in Northern California has been gorgeous these days!  I was driving the other day and saw a house that was for sale that had the most glorious sunroom.  I think the fact that it was vacant made the sunroom space look so open and airy.  You could literally see the sunlight bouncing off of every surface.

Alas, my current home does not have a sunroom (or playroom or gift wrapping room) or many other desirable extras, so I will have to live vicariously through the images bellow.  Although, as I write this, I am looking at my front windows and see about a hundred little fingerprints from my toddlers, so maybe a sunroom is best left for another phase in life!

The sunroom I drove past was very traditional like this one, but they can take on many different styles and adapt to different tastes.

sunroom 1

So, what about you?  Do you ever dream of sipping lemonade in a sunroom of your own?

Tried and Tested: Using Chalk Paint to Revive Old Patio Decor

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know of my obsession with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Annie Sloan claims the paint can stick to almost any surface and that it can be used outdoors.  Apparently, the outside of Annie Sloan’s shop is painted with Chalk Paint!

I was a bit skeptical of how this paint would hold up under the elements.  I painted several things last spring with chalk paint and am glad to report that they have held up extremely well through wind and rain and very cold conditions.

I had several really ugly old plastic pots that many years ago, were supposed to look like fake terra-cotta.  I painted these in Annie Sloan’s old white and it gave them new life.  I would have been happy if they lasted even one season, but they held up so well, I am going to keep them.

Annie Sloan 2

Annie Sloan 1

I also painted these chairs we inherited.  They were originally black wrought iron.  I felt they looked pretty boring with the black iron, so I painted just the arms with chalk paint and I feel it gave them a modern lightness.  The paint has held up well after a year of being outside.

Annie Sloan 4

Annie Sloan 3

So, there is my review.  I would definitely endorse this product being used outdoors.

You can see my other reviews on chalk paint here, here and here.  What about you?  Have you ever used chalk paint on outdoor pieces?

DIY Aged Terra Cotta Pots


terra cotta 1

Simplicity in the South

Daylight savings time is upon us and I have an instantaneous urge to run out to the nursery and buy more plants and flowers than I can plant in one sitting!  I am a huge fan of terra cotta planters, but the high-end ones that look centuries old tend to be super expensive.  You can buy very inexpensive ones at box stores like the Home Depot, but they tend to look too new.  Over time, these pots whiten with age as a result of minerals leaching from the water.

I did a little research and what do you know . . . it is very easy to create the “weathered” look on your own.

Martha Stewart Aged Terra Cotta Pot

Martha Stewart

Here is what you do to create the look on your own:


  • Terra Cotta Pot(s)
  • Lime powder
  • Bristle brush
  • Medium-grit sand paper (about 150 grit)

STEP 1:  Mix 1 cup of lime powder into 2 cups of water until it takes on a thick consistency.  Paint a coat of the solution onto the pot.  For a natural look, apply it sparingly in some areas and generously in others.

STEP 2:  When the pot is coated and still wet, take a spray bottle of water on the “stream” setting and let some of the lime powder solution run off.

STEP 3:  Allow the pot to dry.  Use the sandpaper in a light pattern to create a gently mottled surface.

BOOM.  There you are in 3 easy steps.  Plant some lavender because you have just been transported to a patio in Provence!

If you have some Annie Sloan chalk paint on hand you can head over here for a tutorial on how to age terra cotta pots using chalk paint.

Stay tuned.  I plan to do a post on getting moss to grow on these beauties!

terra cotta moss


If Money Were No Object

Up next in this series is outdoor furniture.  I am seeing all kinds of sales this time of year and am so tempted to buy something (even if I have to wait a year to use it!) I am sad to admit that we have NEVER purchased our own outdoor furniture.  At our first home, we had a set that came from my husband’s uncle.  Currently, we have a set that was handed down from my parents.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice set from Crate and Barrel, but it is showing its age and is not what I would buy today if I had a choice.

Sooo, moving on to what I WOULD buy. . .  I have been drooling over the ridiculously priced Provence Collection from Restoration Hardware. Maybe it is because their outdoor furniture collections are photographed in the most beautiful photo locations on EARTH.  Calgon take me away . . . but I feel like I have literally been transported to France.

Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture

Provence Collection

The large outdoor sofa in gray is $2,680.  I think that is more than I would spend on an INDOOR sofa. But, if money were no object, it would be mine!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I will be dreaming of Provence.