Home Decorating Goals for 2016

Hi everyone!  Since it is the start of a new year, I thought I would share some of my decorating goals for 2016 with you.  Yes, some may set personal or career goals, but me, I set decorating goals.

This year in particular I do this because we just purchased our dream home, and while it has excellent “bones” as they say, it needs a little TLC.  We have already remodeled a bathroom mostly in part because the former owners paid for that as part of the sale  Long story.  You can read about it here and I plan to have a post with beautiful photos as soon as the custom art and window treatments I have ordered arrive.

First off, the entire interior is going to be painted.  The exterior will be next, but is a lesser priority.  I have thought long and hard over what palette I want and I can’t believe how indecisive I am being!!  I am pretty sure, however, that the colors will include some bold color choices.  However, every time I think I am sold on a bold color, I see images of a beautiful neutral room and I second guess myself.  I think I am going to trust my gut and go bold.  After all, it is just paint, right?

Paint Colors For Sonoma Way

JVW Home

Next up is the hardwood floors.  Our 1920’s home is blessed with an entire home of hardwood floors. However, they desperately need to be refinished.  They are a light-toned honey colored wood and I think they will stay that way.  I want the entire space to feel light and airy.

Hardwood FLoors for Sonoma

Design Chic

Third, we are going to have a larger opening cut out for a new refrigerator.  I wrote all about it before, but basically our home currently has the smallest fridge EVER!  It is seriously a small step above a college mini fridge.  It is ugly and not functional at all for our family of four.  You can read about how I attempted to glam it up with gold duct tape here.  It upgraded it a bit, but I am ready for a real upgrade!! I think this is one home improvement that will definitely improve the quality and efficiency of our lives.

Fridge wM

Finally, like many older homes, many rooms in our home do not have  lighting wired.  Many of the bedrooms rely solely on table and floor lamps and they simply do not provide enough light.  We have a bid from our contractor to wire the rooms and it will be one of our first projects.  The fun part is going to be picking out new lighting!!  It can get really expensive, so it will probably happen space by space as our budget allows.  I hate those things- budgets!!

Lighting for Sonoma Way

Design Indulgence

Do you set “home” goals as well?  Please tell me I am not the only one!!!  Keep checking back as I will update and show you how each goal is coming along (project “money pit.”)

Contractor is set to come out on Monday to remove the “mini fridge” and create a new opening.  Happy Dance!!!

Until next time . . .


My $2 Kitchen Makeover

I think everyone has a space in their home that makes them cringe.  I certainly do.  Maybe it is a junk drawer or even a junk room.  Maybe it is a space in the yard or an outdated bathroom.  The options for contempt are endless!

For me, it is the refrigerator in our kitchen.  The space for the refrigerator is framed in with a cabinet above, so unless we completely renovate the kitchen, we are stuck with the very small space we have.

That being said, the kitchen could seriously be used by munchkins, our refrigerator is so small.   I kid you not, it is one step above a college mini fridge. Not only is this very impractical for my family of four, it is such an eyesore.  The refrigerator is by a company called “Hotpoint” which apparently is sold at the Home Depot, although I have never seen it there.  Maybe I am too tall!

I am now going to show you a picture of it.  Promise not to laugh??




Ugh, I know!  No custom-built wall sized fridge here.  See how there is almost zero space to expand the size of the fridge?

However, never a girl to let circumstances stop me, I started to think of things I could do to make me like the space more.  I really enjoy cooking and don’t want to feel sad every time I look at this bad boy.

A few weeks ago, I was walking through Target and found this amazing copper-colored Duct Tape on sale for $2.  Yes, you heard me, Duct Tape.  It was on sale, and I thought it would go with my wall color, so I decided to give it a try.  I am loving how it turned out.

fridge wm


Fridge wM

From eyesore to conversation starter.  Voila!

I know a Duct Tape fridge isn’t for everyone.  My husband thought I was CRAZY with a capital “C.”  However, I encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to this household staple.  Duct Tape wrapping paper anyone?  How about Duct Tape art?

duct tape wrapping


  duct tape stripes

Dimples and Tangles

duct tape modern art

Style Me Pretty

Duck Brand Duct Tape comes in more colors and patterns than you can imagine from neon to chevron.  For all you moms with teenagers out there, I even saw “One Direction” Duck Tape.  Not joking.

Have you ever crafted or decorated with Duct Tape?  Do tell in the comments!