If Money Were No Object . . . This Custom Gift Wrap Room Would Be Mine

Happy Friday!!  Christmas is only 18 days away.  Crazy!!  My holiday stress level is starting to climb.

I have forever longed to be organized when it comes to my Christmas gift wrapping.  Despite my best efforts, I am always found the night before Christmas, locked in my room, on the floor wrapping about 100 gifts.  Alas, this process does not result in the most beautiful end result.


I have improved my wrapping skills in recent years, but sometimes I just lack the time and patience required.  In fact, one year I was volunteering for some charity at the mall gift wrapping gifts at Macy’s, and was delicately told I sucked and told to just help cut the ribbons!

Maybe if I had a custom gift wrapping room like this one, I would feel less stress and have beautifully wrapped presents!


This lucky lady looks pretty happy and stress-free!  Maybe one day such an organized beautiful room will be mine.
Do you or does anyone you know have a room like this?  If so, pleaseshare in the comments.  I promise I won’t hate you!

Silencing The Material Girl (A Deep Thought Post)


Every year around this time (actually, it gets earlier and earlier each year), I am inundated with glossy magazines in the mail.  These magazines try to lure you in with all of the beautiful things to buy.

They call to you, making you think “my life would be perfect if I had that ______”  You fill in the blank. Car, purse, outfit, home.

I admit, it is hard not to be dazzled by all that is displayed.  I have a gift list a mile long, but the shopper from hell emerges and I find myself wanting EVERYTHING I see.  So many options, so many wants.

There are two strategies I employ when the material girl in me won’t seem to shut up.

First, I try to score a major deal on something I have been wanting or something I need to buy as a gift.  For some reason, the combination of the purchase and scoring an amazing deal satisfies my shopping bug.  I get a double adrenaline boost.

Second, I actually scour through the magazines and circle or dog ear pages of the things I want.  I mentally claim them as my own.  I know that this seems somewhat silly and a bit like practicing the “law of attraction”, but it works to indulge my inner material girl.

Then I wait until after the holidays to look at the catalogs again.  By that time, I actually find I don’t have such a desire for many of the items.  Perhaps the desire was satiated by a gift received over the holidays.  In addition, I find that if I still want something, it is usually on sale post-holiday!  Perfect example of delayed gratification.

What do you think?  Do you have any strategies for banishing temptation to buy yourself 50 Christmas gifts?

Don’t worry though, I will still be posting some holiday gift guides soon (for “other” people you have to buy for- wink wink!)