Window Treatments with Cornice Boards

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday.  For once, I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend.  I was able to work on two DIY projects for the One Room Challenge, so little by little I feel like my space is coming along.

Also, last week, the fabric for my window treatments arrived.  I am going with a pale pink silk fabric for the drapes and I want them to look similar to these.

silk drapes 3


While the dupioni silk drapes are going to be amazing, I feel like the windows need more of a “wow” factor as the bed is under them and they are the focal point of the room.  Then I thought a cornice board might do the trick.  Cornice boards are traditional, but I feel like they are making a come-back.  I adore how they dress up the windows below.

cornice board


cornice board 3


cornice board 8


cornice board 4


cornice board 7


cornice board 6


cornice board 8


So whimsical, right?  It’s all in the details!

If you do a search on Pinterest  you can find a thousand tutorials on DIY cornice boards. However, I want one with a unique shape and given that the One Room Challenge has only has 4 weeks to go, I don’t think I have it in me to build one from scratch.

That is when I ran across a company called Ready to Cover where they will custom cut a cornice board for you and then all you have to do is upholster and install it.  Perfect for a half-hearted, time-pinched DIY’er like me.  DIY without the power-tools!

Cornice 9

I think I am going to go with a shape like #2 where there is enough detail, but it is simple enough that upholstering it won’t be a nightmare.  I am soo glad I ran across this company.  They can customize any design, make headboards to match and they ship for free.  The cornice board itself is very affordable as well.  They also offer an entire line of ready to cover home decor items (headboards. decorator tables, etc.)

I am so glad I found this company as it is going to save me so much time.  A total game-changer. Now I want to have cornice boards with all my window treatments.

Well, stay tuned Thursday to see the progress I have made in my little Audrey’s bedroom for the One Room Challenge.





Leftover Lucite

Hi friends!!  Happy Hump Day.  I am finally feeling somewhat caught up on life after going on our vacation.  It is very Spring-like her however, and I am starting to get Spring fever.

As some of you may know, a few months ago, I did a DIY tutorial on lucite drapery rods.  I LOVED how they turned out and you can read about it here.  The added bonus of ordering the lucite from Nationwide Plastics was that they custom cut the rod to fit your window.  Little did I know that they would package and send the extra lucite that had been cut off with my order.

So, I find myself with 4 1/2 feet of lucite for another DIY project.  A quick glance at Pinterest gave me some ideas.

I could do a DIY lucite towel bar for my new bathroom.  In fact, a towel bar is one of the few things I have not installed.  I think it would go well with my black, white and brass scheme.

Lucite Towel

Lux Holdups via Etsy

I could make pulls for a door or cabinet.  How glam is this?

Lucite Pulls

Lux Holdups via Etsy

I could update some of our kitchen cabinetry!

Lucite kitchen pulls

Lux Holdups via Etsy

If I have a tiny bit left over from one of these projects, I could also DIY a lucite towel hook.

Lucite knob

Lux Holdups via Etsy

I could do a custom closet rod.  This was in a boutique, but imagine the possibilities!!

Lucite closet

Lux Holdups via Etsy

If you are a real baller and have a ton of lucite, you could also do a stair railing.  Sorry to disappoint, but this project is way out of my league!!

Lucite railings

A Storied Style

I am leaning towards a towel bar because that is the most practical for me at the moment?  Would would you do with leftover lucite?

Have a fabulous day!



The Money Pit Update: Roman Shades

Hi everyone and happy Friday!!

I have been furiously making plans for updates to our new (ish) home.  One thing that came along with our beautiful old home (aka “The Money Pit”), was tons of beautiful old windows.  The home is on the corner of a very busy street, so privacy is a concern for us.  In addition, our new bathroom renovation, that I wrote about here, left us completely exposed to our neighbors.  Eek!

So, when Blindster reached out to me with an opportunity to try out some of their window coverings, I jumped at the opportunity!  I felt that our kitchen, which faces the busy street and our new bathroom were the best places to start.

I have always been a huge fan of Roman shades and have even contemplated DIY’ing some of my own. For our new bathroom I chose their Premium Roman Shades in this fun graphic print. How perfect does it go with my black, white and brass color scheme?

Blindster 5

The shades obviously go all the way down, but I love the way they lay when they are pulled up half way!

Blindster 6

Blindster 7

For the kitchen, I went with this pattern in the Premium Roman Shades called Kitani Indigo.  I was a little unsure about how the pattern on the fabric would look in person, but I cannot tell you how much I love these shades.  The fabric is beautiful and the print modern, yet classic with its blue and white tones. It provides the perfect amount of privacy and they are so easy to open and close.

Windows can be so challenging to photograph, these photos do not do justice to how beautiful these roman shades are.

Blindster 1

Blindster 3

Here is this fun pattern up close.  I LOVE it so much!

Blindster 4


Going with a custom product like this was the perfect solution for us.  As our home is an older home, the windows are difficult to fit.  That was no problem at all with their online measuring guide that helped me completely customize the shades.  You can even customize the type of lining and sides the pulls are on. And if they don’t get it right, they have a special Fit-or-Free policy that guarantees your money back!

The shades arrived lightning fast and were a breeze for me (aka my husband) to install. We have had the shades for about 2 weeks now and they are a dream come true.  I no longer have to worry about my neighbors getting a peep show!

We have so many more windows to cover in our home.  We plan to plug along room by room. That is the thing with window coverings; they can be so expensive, it is hard to do an entire house at once.  Blindster is such an affordable option, you practically CAN afford to do an entire home Right now they are offering 25% off everything.  You can see their Facebook page for details.

Tell me how do you cover your windows.  Shutters, blinds, curtains?  Do you do it for privacy or more for looks?

Until next time . . .






**This is not a sponsored post.  Blindster did provide the shades.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

DIY Lucite Curtain Rod and Greek Key Trim Curtains

I am so excited to share this DIY project with ya’ll!!  I will have a full tutorial up soon, but could not wait to show you the pictures.  I wrote about my love of lucite rods here.  However, they are ridiculously pricey.  So, taking the lead from fellow bloggers (the original was from Grace at A Storied Style), I DIY’d my own.  The brass standoffs are actually for ballet barres and the lucite is custom from a company called Nationwide Plastics out in Texas.  These pictures do not do justice to how lovely it looks in person!

Lucite Rod 3


Lucite Rod 4

I also decided to DIY myself some greek key trim curtains.  Using inexpensive Ikea curtains and greek key fabric, I created a high-end look for sooo much less.

Lucite Rod 5


Lucite Rod 2

What do you think?  I am so pleased with how they turned out!  I waited forever to do curtains on this big window because it was so big.

Stay tuned as I will have a full tutorial on how to DIY the curtain rod and the curtains!





To Buy or DIY?

Happy Monday Friends!  So, I have this huge window in my family room that has sat without curtains or drapery for about 2 1/2 years because I am SOOO indecisive about what to do with the space.  It is a very large window, so for some reason it makes it intimidating.

I finally decided to go with some basic white curtains and add some trim for unexpected detail.  I did something similar here with my DIY Greek Key drapes.  Now that the curtains are done, I am still undecided as to what type of curtain rod to use.  I have been obsessed lately with lucite or acrylic rods such as these.

Etsy Lucite Drapery Rods LuxHoldups

Designer Lucite Rod 2

Gretchen Everette Hardware and Home

Designer Lucite Rod

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

However, purchasing lucite rods will cost you a small fortune.  Even the ones from LuxHoldUps which is an Etsy store are pricey.

Several creative bloggers have come up with DIY versions and I think they look equally as gorgeous.

AStoriedStyle-DIY Acrylic Rod antique brass A Storied Style

Hunted Interior Lucite Rods

the Hunted Interior

Driven by Decor Lucite rods

 Driven by Decor

For a window my size, it would cost upward of $400 to buy a rod.  The DIY version is about $150.

What do you think?  Do you like the look of lucite?  Should I buy or DIY?

Happy Monday lovelies!!