Home Decor from Minted

Hi friends!  I have long been a fan of the online retailer Minted for their paper products, invitations and art work.  I recently discovered that they are now selling one-of-a-kind home decor items, such as pillows, curtains and lampshades.  The designs are created by independent artists so you are sure to find something you won’t find anything else.  The other nice feature is that each design comes in each type of decor so you can match your curtains to your pillows if you want no fail decorating or want to be super matchy-matchy.  On top of it all, the pieces are affordable!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Minted Home

Minted Home 3

Minted Home 6

Minted Home 2

Minted Home 5

Minted Home 10

Minted Home 9

Minted Home 8

Minted Home 7

Minted Home 14

Minted Home 12

Minted Home 13

I love the idea of creating a custom look!  Kind of like finding a prom dress that not everyone else will have, right?

Later in the week, I hope to show you a fun paint project I did on some thrifted mirrors.  The best news is I hired a handyman to hang them, so they did not sit propped up against the wall like so many mirrors before them 🙂

Hope you are having a great week.



Restoration Hardware Garden Sphere Knockoff

Hi everyone!  Sorry I have been MIA but things have been hectic with back to school time around here.  I hope to start posting more regularly starting this fall!

Anyway, I have been meaning to share this project for ages.  Given that the summer and garden season is about over, you may need to file this one away for next year, but here it is.  I was inspired by Pam over at Simple Details to re-create these DIY Restoration Hardware garden spheres.

Restoration Hardware sells these garden spheres for $125 to $212 a piece (on sale).  They are a lovely way to add a classic, neutral, architectural item to any garden.  They look amazing standing alone or nestled in among plants or flowers.

RH Garden Sphere

While they are lovely, hell would freeze over before I would spent $125 a piece!  That is where this DIY comes in that uses concrete mix and lighting globes to attain the same look for less.

Here is what you will need:

Lighting globes (the glass fixtures that go over light bulbs)- they sell for about $2 at thrift stores or Habitat for Humanity Restores

Concrete Mix– I used less than half of an 80 pound bag of Quikrete concrete mix

Mixing bucket 


Plastic garbage bags

FIRST, I put the globes in a box with newspaper to help stabilize them as I put the mixture inside.


SECOND, I mixed the concrete.  I followed the directions and added water until it reached its desired consistency.  It should resemble peanut butter.


NEXT, I poured the concrete into the globes and stirred it gently to eliminate any air.  I then let it sit overnight.


FINALLY, I placed the globes inside a box lined with garbage bags and took a hammer and lightly tapped on the globes all over.  The glass gently cracked away and I was left with the concrete globes.  Here is what they look like.

Garden (2)

Garden 2


Garden 3

This project was tons of fun (who doesn’t love letting out aggression with a hammer) and was super inexpensive.  It cost me about $2 per globe.  Not bad compared to the original.

Have you ever tackled a garden DIY?  This was my first and I can’t wait to make more.

Linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick and Thrifty Thursday  Head on over to see all the inspiration!









Target Loot

Yesterday, I popped into Target to do my annual post holiday Christmas decor shopping.  I posted tips here for finding decor steals at Target.

At my Target store most things were marked at 50% off, although I am sure some will be marked to 70% eventually.  I found a few things, but I actually think things were more picked over than in years past.  Maybe I should have gone the day after Christmas.  I just didn’t have it in me.

Here is what I did find:



I found this white wreath for 70% off and it was $7.50.  Seriously, at that price, it was coming home with me.

I also found these adorable blocks for 50% off.  They were only $10.  I think they will be so cute to use in my girls’ rooms next year, or even to pose with for Christmas card pictures.



The Dollar Spot was also on clearance.  I found these burlap pillows for only .90.  I think I will use them in my girls’ rooms next year.




Finally, while not Christmas decor, I found these Nate Berkus candle stick holders for 50% off.  Only $10.



I swear I should never buy anything at regular price at my beloved Target!  They also have an after Christmas toy sale that is excellent for stocking up.

So, if you are thinking about stopping by Target for post-Christmas shopping, I would do it sooner rather than later.

Have you found any steals at Target post holiday at your local store?  If so, please do tell in the comments.


Decorating With Vintage Ornaments

vintage ornaments 4 pinterest loretablog

Vintage ornaments are so beautiful and bright and I have long been wanting a collection of my own.  They look amazing on a tree, but make an even bigger impact arranged simply in a silver or ironstone bowl.

I inherited a few from my husband’s grandmother, but have seen them at the Sacramento Antique Faire on many occassions!

Done right, they could even work in a modern setting.  So, go ask your family and grandparents if they have any of these treasures in an attic or basement somewhere!

vintage ornament 1

vintage ornament 5 sugar sugar

Vintage ornaments 3 sr

vintage ornament 2

  Do you have any in your Christmas collection?  If so, how do you use them?

DIY Faux Fur Tree Skirt

skirt final

As I was perusing holiday catalogs this season, I ran across this West Elm Faux Fur Tree Skirt and was in love with it.

fur tree skirt


Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have versions too.  I think the West Elm version costs about $80, but I was unable to verify because it is completely sold out online!

I thought about ordering some faux fur fabric online and making my own.  However, when I looked into it, the faux fur was about $20 a yard, so I wouldn’t be saving a ton of money making my own.

Then I ran into these faux fur blankets at Marshall’s and I knew I could use them to make a DIY version of this tree skirt.  They were only $12.00 each.



I took a major short cut and instead of sewing these from a pattern, I simply did a cut out down the middle so it would spread properly around the tree.  Here is what I did.

First, I made a small cut down the center of the throw.


Next, I continued cutting until I almost reached the center of the fabric.  I then cut a small diamond shape.


Then I pinned the fabric together all the way down the cut and around the diamond.


I then sewed it together so there would be no fraying.  I am by no means an expert in sewing, so if I can do this, anyone can! You really just need to be able to sew a straight line.

Here is the final result:

Tree Skirt WM

One throw covered the front of my tree and it requires another to cover the back!

If you can’t sew, you could always just drape a throw around your tree.

I plan to show a holiday home tour of our home next week, including better pictures of our tree. So stay tuned!!

I am linking this project up to a Holiday Craft Link Party over at Hi Sugarplum and Michaela Noelle Designs.  You should definitely check it out for tons of DIY holiday inspiration!

My Little Ponies

So, my dad retired last spring.  He was an attorney and had all kinds of decorative legal accessories, art, bookends, etc., from his office to take with him.  My mother wanted NONE of it brought home. So, I was glad to take these book ends off his hands.



They are two horse heads carved in onyx.  They had a great shape and I knew I would do something with them at some point.

I was perusing One Kings Lane and found these (I know I have a serious internet shopping problem!)  They are vintage and $125.00 for a pair.

okl hrs They even have the same striped line down the front.  Seeing these inspired me to take action and dust mine off from the garage!  Even though I liked the line down the middle, I decided to spray paint mine an ivory color to make them look more striking and it goes better with my decor.

Here is the final result:

horses wm

I was a little nervous to paint the stone, as I had never spray painted stone, but it went on so easily and smoothly.  I swear you can spray paint ANYTHING!

Now, I just need to find the right spot and books to fill them.

Don’t you just love my little ponies?  Not bad for free!  Never discount any source to decorate your space. Have vision and see how you can change it to make it a piece you love.


If Money Were No Obejct

Happy Friday!!  Oh, how I love my Friday post.  I get to peruse the web in search of beautiful objects, pretending if only for a moment . . . that they are mine!

Up today is this amazing bamboo bar cart.

bar cart 2

This brass beauty would set me back $3,250.  I found it on 1stdibs.  1stdibs is where high-end designers shop for clients where money REALLY is no object!

Not only is this piece financially impractical right now, it is also impractical space-wise and because I have small children.  I can just see my girls climbing on it and knocking down barware and decanters!!  But hey, this was never meant to be a practical post.

I have a ton of decanters and glassware given to us as wedding gifts, that are tucked away (far away) from my children.  But maybe one day, when they are older, it will be resurrected and placed on a cart similar to this one.

If you are lucky you could find something similar at an estate sale or antique mall.  I must find a knock-off!!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I might just be seen at an estate sale or two this weekend!

Grown Up Rock Collection

This trend has been around for a while, but I am in love with amethyst and other semi-precious stones being used as decorative accessories.  They are geodes which are rocks that are plain on the outside, but have beautiful crystals on the inside.  Amethyst, Calcite, Agate and Quartz are all types of geodes.

As a young girl, I remember my father having an amethyst and thinking it was the most beautiful thing in the “whole wide world.”

I am just as smitten with them today!

coasters Massucco Warner Miller

Blissathomegeode Bliss at Home

Better Homes and Gardens Geode Better Homes and Gardens

geode 2 The Coveture via Arianna Bell


Design Sponge

Stunning, right??  How beautiful are these that are drenched in gold?


Rablabs New York

Or these beautiful bookends . . .

quarts bookends Style at Home

There are even beautiful housewares made out of these stones.  Check out these Rose Quartz trays.  To DIE for.

rose quartz Plantationdesign.com

Some of these are a bit pricey (or a LOT pricey).  Since I am a gal on a decorating budget, more affordable options can be found at Zgallerie and Target

threshold rock



I think they are the perfect accent to finish off a room. What do you think?  Not just for kids?