Review of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Two Years Later

Hey everyone and Happy Monday!  As a lover of Chalk Paint, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “how well does Chalk Paint hold up?”  Many have heard the amazing stories of chalk paint transformations.  You may have been lured by Chalk Paint’s claim that there is no sanding and no priming required.  It is also low in VOC’s and dries very fast (which can be a blessing or a curse!)

Using Chalk Paint is how I started out my DIY journey.  You can read all about how Chalk Paint changed my life here.  I have used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on a variety of different items.  I have used it on outdoor planters.  I have used it on console tables, bookcases, mirrors and bedside tables.  Two years later, I am here to tell you how it stands the test of time.

First, I truly believe that it is a remarkable product.  However, I don’t think it is for every type of furniture.  In my opinion, the best pieces to use it on are mirrors, console tables and other furniture that does not get a ton of wear and tear.  One of my favorite Annie Sloan transformations is this console table I painted in a pale purple color called Emile.  This table is for decorative purposes only and is never used or really even touched (even by my kids)!  Two years later it looks exactly the same as it did the day I painted it.  It is one of my favorite spots in our house.

2015 Holiday Home Tour 7

In complete contrast, are the bedside tables I painted in with Chalk Paint.  These get daily use. From putting water glasses down on them at night, to stacked-up books, to my children’s feet, these tables get A LOT of wear and tear.

IMG_9865 - Copy

I also painted these tables a color called Old Ochre which is a much lighter color, almost an off white. They look horrible.


They are dirty and stained.  Ick!  I am tempted to start all over and just paint them with latex paint.

As some of you may know, you are supposed to finish off Chalk Paint with a wax that is supposed to harden and seal the product.  It is similar to sealing latex paint with Polyurethane.  I did wax these end tables, but in my opinion it offered little protection.  I have seen other reviews where someone painted their dinning room table with Chalk Paint and had a similar problem.

Finally, to my complete surprise, the outdoor furniture and pots I painted with Chalk Paint have held up surprisingly well to the elements.

Annie Sloan 1


Annie Sloan 3


Apparently, the exterior of  Annie Sloan’s original store in the UK is painted with Chalk Paint.  I would definitely use Chalk Paint again to bring new life to outdoor pieces.  If you missed it, you can see how I transformed these inexpensive plastic faux terra cotta pots with Chalk Paint here.

At the end of the day, would I recommend and use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint again?  Yes, I would definitely use it for smaller or decorative accent pieces that do not get a ton of use.  Would I use it for a dining room table, end tables, or cabinets that get a lot of wear and tear?  A definitive NO. As I navigate my way through these DIY ropes, I am starting to get a better feel of what types of paint will work best on certain finishes.  You live you learn, I suppose.

Have you used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or any of the other brands out on the market?  If so, what did you think of the durability?  I would love to hear your experience.





Annie Sloan Review

Chalk Paint Makeover

Yes, I have yet another Annie Sloan Chalk Paint makeover to show you.  I wrote here about what I though were the advantages and disadvantages of this unique paint. Seriously, I should be in sales for her!

I was lucky to inherit this beautiful piece of furniture.  It is solid wood and has such a classic shape.  The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the finish.


The piece opens up and has bookshelf-like storage inside.  I though it would be a wonderful way to store books in my daughter’s room.

I chose to use the color Paris Grey for the body of the piece.  It is a soft and slightly bluish grey.  The furniture painted with it looks like it came from a French château or a Swedish manor.

I used painters tape to tape the paneling, as I wanted to paint the edges of the paneling in Old White to give it some contrast.

This paint dries so fast I was able to do both the body and the paneling in one sitting.  Here is the final result:

Watermarked Annie Sloan

Quite a transformation, don’t you think?  The best part is that it cost me next to nothing as I already had the paint on hand from a prior project.  

Don’t worry . . . more Chalk Paint makeovers to come!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Makeover

Hey All!  I told you last week about my serious obsession with Annie Sloan Chalk paint, so today I wanted to show you one of my first Annie Sloan makeovers and give you a review of what I believe are the pros and cons of using this wonderful paint!

Here you see a photo of a demilune table I bought when I had a serous “Shoportunity” at my beloved Marshall’s.  It was plain, boring white and only $40.00.  But I had a place for it and a vision!!

White Console Table

I wanted a “pop of color” as they say in my dinning room, which is really neutral.  I decided to go with the color Emile which Annie Sloan describes as a warm aubergine.  I actually found a 4 oz. sample on Ebay for $8.99 including shipping.  Ebay is one of my favorite sources for getting the look for less.  After painting the table, I rubbed the table details with Rub N Buff in Gold Leaf.  I will be doing a separate post on using and transforming furniture and accent pieces with Rub N Buff.  Here is the table after about 1 hour of work!

photo (7)

Overall, I am in love with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I like it most for European or cottage style finishes because it distresses extremely well.  Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can skip priming and sanding (a huge advantage in my opinion)
  • It covers very well and dries very fast
  • The colors are unique and gorgeous and you can combine to create more options
  • It has very low VOC’s so you can paint indoors
  • It distresses very well
  • You can add water to it to create a “wash”
  • It cleans up effortlessly


  • It is expensive at $39 per quart (I have found some cheaper on Ebay)
  • It is only available from a nearby stockist or online (you have to pay shipping adding to the cost)
  • It is recommended that you protect it with clear wax which can be tricky to apply
  • I find it not very durable on pieces that get a ton of traffic like a dinning or end table. I have had to repaint mine.

Other than durability issues on high traffic pieces, I love this paint.  If the cost gets you down, I have also made my own chalk paint very successfully at a fraction of the cost.  I will post soon on how to DIY your own chalk paint.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of this unique paint?  Have you ever played chemist and made your own??

How Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Changed My Life!

I have a confession to make.  A year ago I had never refinished a piece of furniture.  I mean never ever!  It always seemed like a good idea in theory, but then I would think of all the dirty, exhausting, sanding, priming and painting and I would starting looking in the catalogs at new furniture.  I always have good intentions with these lofty goals of the perfect furniture re-do, but then run out of enthusiasm when the going gets tough.

Paint is amazing, in that it can completely change a room or piece of furniture.  It wasn’t until I read all of the rave reviews about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, that I though to myself . . . “I can do this!!”  So, I schlepped out to my local “stockist” (slightly annoyed that I had to go to a place 15 miles away called a “stockist” to buy the darn stuff).  I purchased two quarts in Old White and Pairs Grey for $39 each (not happy about that either!)

The next day I tried to find my happy place, and forget about the effort and cost involved in finding the paint.  I decided to try the paint out on a small accent table.  It was one of those highly varnished wood tables they used to sell at the now defunct Bombay Company (remember that place???)  I am convinced everyone in the late 90’s owns something from there!

Here is the beauty before:


All I did to prepare the table was wipe it down with a cloth.  No sanding, no priming.  I painted inside my house and completed the table very quickly.  After it dried, I used sand paper to distress it and applied a few coats of clear wax.  I. was. in. love.  In about 15 minutes I had totally transformed the look of the table.

And here is the after:


I have now painted many pieces with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as well as other regular latex paints.  I have painted mirrors, small accessories, large dressers, baskets, outdoor planters, and even placemats.  I truly love this paint and will have a separate post about what I feel are the advantages and disadvantages of this special paint!  I feel this paint helped me to turn a DIY corner (if there is such a thing) and venture into other DIY projects, and it gave me a ton of confidence with painting.

I know I am late to hop on this chalk paint DIY bandwagon!!  What do you think- are you a smitten kitten like me?  What projects have you tried?  I love some of these transformations done by some very talented bloggers.


blue-gray-painted-dresser-cg_thumb  Centsational Girl


Annie Sloan


Centsational Girl

Annie Sloan Buffet

One Girl In Pink