Storage Solutions: Skirted Tables

Hi friends!  We are on vacation this week, but I am trying to get in some extra posts on the blog since I have a little extra time to do what I love!

As some of you may know, for my day job, I work as a Human Resources Consultant.  My job is wonderful and flexible, and I get to work from home.  The one problem, however, is that I do not have a home office.  So, all of my files, my printer, etc. are in my bedroom.  NOT the ideal setting for where the majority of relaxation is supposed to take place.

I have done a ton of searching for the perfect small desk that would fit in our bedroom.  The only problem is that the desks that would fit, did not have much storage.  So, I have been exploring the idea of just using a round table with a custom tablecloth similar to those below.

I primarily work at our breakfast nook table, so it would primarily be used  for storage, not for a  work space.  I am thinking I could store my printer and files underneath it??

Or, I could also do a skirted console table like these.  Although I might be pretty hard pressed to fit a printer under a table this size.

Do any of you work from home?  How do you keep that work/home balance?  What are your best storage solutions?

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  1. I worked from home for many years because I always went to my client. The problem is you never close up shop and go home. I regret it. Even in the computer age, you have paper files and supplies.
    That being said I love the table skirts. Where are they from ? Somebody who has a catalog, maybe Ballard Designs, has a round table with sections under it, meant to be covered by a skirt.
    Have you seen the office Marty has at A Stroll Thru Life ?

    • Hi Myrna! I know I have seen them at Ballard Designs, I will have to price them out. I follow Marty, but will have to go search for her office as it is not ringing a bell. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your recommendations!

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