Snagging Decor Steals at Target

Hey All!!  Happy Tuesday!.  I posted here about my love of Target and promised to share my tips for scoring big deals there.  For example, I recently found the items below for 70% OFF.  Woot woot!!

photo (8)

Having the willpower not to pay full price for their beautiful items it key.  So, step one is to put that credit card down and follow the tips listed below.

  • SHOP FREQUENTLY:  As a mom, I find my self going to Target way too often to get necessities, so I have no problem going once a week  just to see what is new and what is on sale.  Once you see items going on sale, don’t buy them just because they are 15% off, unless you can’t live without it. In all likelihood, it will go on sale even further.  Target usually starts off at 15%, then goes to 30%, then 50%, then 70 or 75%.
  • CLEARANCE SCHEDULE:  Get to know your store’s clearance schedule.  As a general guideline, Thursday is the day they mark down housewares and home decor.  In case you are interested, the clearance schedule for other items is below.
  • Monday:  Kid’s Clothing, Stationary, Electronics, Baby
  • Tuesday:  Domestics, Food, Women’s Clothing
  • Wednesday:  Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty, Lawn and Garden
  • Thursday:  Housewares, Decor, Shoes, Lingerie, Sporting Goods, Music, Movies, Books, Luggage
  • Friday:  Auto, Hardware, Jewelry, Cosmetics

So, what this means is if you want to score big on home decor markdowns, you should shop on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.  If the store is busy, they may not be able to get to the markdowns until later in the day.

However, this is a general guideline and you may want to find out if your store’s schedule varies. You can always call and speak to someone in the department you are interested in.

  • RED STICKERS and ENDCAPS: Now, onto where you find these home decor gems.  Target’s clearance items always have a red clearance sticker somewhere on them that indicates the old price and the new price.  Also, there is a number in the top right hand portion of the sticker that will either say 15, 30, 50, or 70, indicating the percentage off.  There is also usually signage that indicates clearance items and the percentage off.

Target Clearance

Target Clearance 2

Sometimes the clearance items are just on the normal shelves in the Home Decor department, and sometimes they are on an endcap, which are the small shelves located at the end of an isle. In my store, there can be clearance found on the endcaps from the Home Decor section all the way to the Bed Linens, so I follow the endcaps all the way down.  On occasion, I have found home decor items on endcaps near the housewares (dishware, home electrics, etc.), so it never hurts to look!

Another tip is that sometimes the red clearance stickers are DEAD WRONG.  I have found things marked with stickers and signage that said 30% off that were actually 50% or 70% off.  Therefore, it pays to take the item to one of their handy in store price checkers just to see.  In addition, online prices can vary and I find that they mark down home decor items much slower online.  Finally, Target has inventory item tracking numbers called DPCI Numbers which can be used to search for inventory (when you just have to have two of those lamps!).  They DPCI numbers are usually nine digits and formatted similar to a social security number.  You can call and give the item number to Customer Service or enter it online.

  • COUPONS:  Target has three money-saving coupon tools that can be use simultaneously to score amazing deals.  First, Target has regular coupons you can print on their website.  Just click on coupons and then select Home Decor.  The offers vary week to week.  Second, Target has mobile coupons you can sign up for by texting OFFERS to 827435.  Third, Target now has a money saving app available for Iphone and Android called Cartwheel.

As of the time of posting, there is a Target Mobile coupon for $10 off and $50 home furnishings purchase.  There is also a Cartwheel coupon for 30% off Nate Berkus Bedding.  These coupons can be combined to get a real deal on some quality bedding. This is just and example of how to find even deeper discounts at Target by using their coupons!

If any of you LOVE Target as much as I do, please feel free to add your tips in the comments!




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  1. This post was very interesting to me because like everyone else I like Target. Thanks much for the good research i.e. markdown days. And yes, I am very chagrinned because I just had to have that wooden starburst mirror (LOVE starbursts) and I certainly didn’t get it for 70 percent off!!! Have noticed since the hack, their weekly sales on items seem to feature noticeably deeper discounts (twenty percent off rather than ten percent, for example.) And one more thing about Target, they seem to PROMPTLY liquidate to Goodwill. I have bought several new, non shopworn, very current things at GW recently. Liquidating promptly is important or it will end up a “Fred Meyer thing”– merchandise so old, damaged, dirty etc no one wants it.

    • Thanks so much Judy! I adore Target and rarely pay full price there. But sometimes you just have to snag things up before they are gone. I have heard of great Target finds at Goodwill, but the Goodwill closest to me never has anything. I have several stores nearby so maybe I need to branch out! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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