Skirted Table for the Breakfast Room

Hi friends!  I have been going over a list of home projects I have in mind for 2019.  On the top of my list is a quick fix for our breakfast room table.  After 10 years of “love” by our adorable girls, our parquet table has seen better days.  Rather than get a new table, I have been toying around with making a skirted table like below to hide the multitude of sins on our table.  At least it would buy us a little time until we have to by another one.

Shelley Johnstone Design

In looking at my inspiration pic above I realized how much I love the chairs.  They would go so well with my wallpaper in the room.  Don’t projects always start out like that?  One cheap solution turns into a room redo!

I also found these chairs on Amazon of all places!  They are pretty reasonably priced, but I am going to keep an eye on them as prices fluctuate so much on Amazon.


What do you guys think? I posted about this on social media and got positive feedback but I would love your input!  I think it is a great way to extend the life of our table and maybe even create some extra storage?  Always thinking about that #smallspaceliving!

Hope your weekend if off to a great start!



  1. I love the skirted table idea and those chairs are totally amazing.

  2. Constance says:

    Hi Jennifer. Great inspirational photo. I however am in the camp of NOT doing fabric for an everyday space such as a breakfast nook. Simple reason: I wouldnt want to be having to launder and potentially ruin decorative fabrics. Drycleaning would prove expensive and depending on your washer might prove too small to accommodate a large table skirt. You might condider having a cabinet shop make a “skin” of wood to go over your existing table. How bad is the finish? Could it be faux painted or chalk painted? Please provide closeup pics for all of us. With a family comes inevitable spills…like everyday! As pretty as a fabric clad table looks I think it might prove disappointing. I wd save the look for a bedroom . Just my opinion having had little girls and normal activities that come with everyday dining etc.

  3. Okay just a follow-up on previous comment. What about having various toppers made that would contradt or compliment the base fabric? I.e. a check or stripe going iver the base floral fabric? Much the way nicer restaurants do. Easy to change out a topper as opposed to an entire fabric tablecloth. Or a glass top though not my favorite but wd withstand more everyday mishaps?

    • Hi Constance! These are fabulous ideas. I was worried about having to launder it frequently, so the idea of toppers would be the best of both worlds. I also never thought of having someone make a skin to go over the damaged top. Food for thought. Thanks so much for your input!

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