Project Birthday Girl!

My little girl is turning 5 this week and for some reason I am sort of nostalgic about it.  4 years old is just a bit closer to toddlerhood than 5, and her graduation to being 5 and starting Kindergarten this fall make her seem so much like a little girl.  In honor of her birthday, I made some updates to her room. I repurposed an old computer armoire into a dress up armoire and added some new curtains with a fun pom pom trim.  I will post tutorials on these projects next week and will include a review of Home Depot’s  Americana brand chalk paint which I used to paint the armoire!

Here is a sneak peek at the projects . . .

Birthday Girl 1


Birthday Girl 2


Birthday Girl 3


Birthday Girl 4

I had to think of something to house my daughter’s ever-growing collection of dress up clothes.  I am sure if you have little girls you know what I am talking about!  This armoire is the perfect height for her to get the dresses out all by herself.  Before, I had them all stuffed into a basket which was a nightmare.

How do you store your children’s toys?  This wantabe organized mom wants to know!


  1. I love the Pom Pom trim on the drapes! Such a fun and fresh detail! And the smaller scale armoire is adorable! I know what you mean about kids turning 5, it just seems so much older than 4! Happy Birthday to your daughter this week!! 🙂

    • Thank you Tamara! As soon as I finished this project I noticed a ton of projects on Pinterest involving the same trim. I have some left over so I think I am going to do DIY Pom Pom placemats!

  2. Jessica Mindt says:

    Hi 🙂 I just went to an Annie Sloan chalk paint demo…and was ready to take the plunge to buy some, when I saw this post! Does this work the same as AS? No sanding or priming…did you have to finish it with a clear wax? Any tips would be helpful! What color did you use on this piece. Can’t wait to try!

    • HI Jessica! Yes, this paint is the same as Annie Sloan. It is chalk paint and you don’t have to sand or prime. You do have to do a clear wax. I would ask what color you are going to use. I painted this a white called Everasting. My original piece was a dark wood and I did no priming or sanding. My only problem with the Home Depot paint was that I had to use 3 16 oz jars to cover it and it took about 4 coats. While the paint is cheaper than Annie Sloan, I had to use more. I have used Annie Sloan’s white before and had a similar experience and required multiple coats. Long story short- if you are going paint your piece a light color on a dark wood, I would go with Annie Sloan because I think it is thicker and you will use less. I find that with both brands, you just get better coverage with the darker colors. Chalk paint is great and no matter what you will be pleased with your results! Good luck! Let me know if you have other questions! Send me pics of your final results. I would love to see!


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