I was at the Sacred Heart Holiday Home Tour this weekend and there were so many amazing florals and garlands.  It was pure eye candy.  I noticed that many of the homes had cut paperwhites in flower arrangements.  It got me thinking about all of the different ways to display these holiday beauties.

These simple flowers look so elegant wrapped in burlap and tied with a silk ribbon.

Decorating with Paperwhites

The flowers shine in an old wooden box.

Decorating with Paperwhites

Lia Griffith

These paperwhites take center stage on this table planted in a silver bowl

Decorating with Paperwhites

Better Homes and Gardens

A rustic urn is the perfect complement to the simple white blooms.

Decorating with Paperwhites


Paperwhites are perfection planted in an antique planter.  I like how the silk ribbon is pulled up a bit on these.  One of the main problems I have with paperwhites is that they tend to grow so tall they lean or fall over.  Seems like the ribbon placed up high would keep them in place.

Decorating with Paperwhites

 Southern Living

If paperwhites are not your thing, it is always fun to grow amaryllis for a pop of color!

Amyrellis Midwest Living

Amaryllis 2

Have you ever grown your own paperwhites at Christmas?  Any growing tips?   I love to plant them, but sometimes (like this year) I forget and it is too late to have them bloom in time.



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  1. Too funny! I just bought a package today at Home Depot. They were on sale for $5. They’re so pretty even as bulbs grouped together! Hopefully they will bloom though! LOL!!!

  2. I have been growing them for the past couple weeks but they haven’t bloomed yet

    • If they don’t bloom in time for Christmas, they will certainly still be beautiful in dreary January! I just spotted some at the grocery store that were already blooming. I am tempted to buy them and pull them off as my own!

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