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Happy Friday friends!  Sit down and get cozy with a cup of coffee because today, I am going to share a little bit of our family’s history with you.  I am going to share the story of our first home.   I am actually feeling kind of weepy right now writing about it!  Writing this post has also made me realize how much my style and taste has changed. Seriously, what was I thinking with some of my decor choices??  No judgment!!

I apologize in advance for these photos. They were taken way before I started blogging and I could have cared less what they look like!

Our starter home holds such a special place in my heart.  My mother once said our first home looked like the house where Snow White would live and looking back, I can see why.



It was a small, white cottage with pastel stained glass windows.  It was built in 1926 and had all kinds of “charm.”  Some of the charm, like the leaded glass and the detailed molding I loved, where the old and unreliable plumbing was definitely a minus! The best part about our starter home was that it was in the neighborhood where I grew up, so it definitely has special meaning for us.

The house had good bones and we were so excited to learn that it had hardwood floors under all of the dirty white carpeting. So, the first update we did was to pull up the carpet and re-stain the hardwood floors.  Swapping out the light fixtures was also top on the list.  What a difference a light fixture change can make!

Here is the before.  Note the dingy white carpet and the funky lighting fixture.


Here is the after:


One of my favorite areas in the home was by the fireplace.  It had these beautiful textured walls and custom sconces.


One of my favorite features of the house was the backyard and the extensive landscaping.



I soon realized, however, that enjoying and carrying for extensive landscaping are two entirely different things.  So, two kids later, our yard looked like this.  So much better for getting crazy, toddler energy out!


No post on our first home would be complete without discussing its hidden 1970’s features.  After living there for a few months, it became clear to me that some baller in the 1970’s move in and tried to “Studio 54-ify” this adorable cottage.

Exhibit A is this old gazebo complete with hot tub.  Please note that the hot tub had a phone jack installed so said 1970’s baller could chat on the phone while chilling out.  Notice the orange plastic windows-hot right??  This was one of the first things to go!


Exhibit B is the obscene amount of glass paneling there was in the home.  The first thing you saw when you walked in was a mirrored wet bar.  Nothing says, “welcome to my cottage home” like a bar, right?  I gave in and tried to roll with it by decorating it with bar accessories.


Guess what is hiding under those drapes?  You guessed it- more mirrors!  Whatever possessed someone to move into a small, quaint cottage and try to make it a disco it beyond me.  Mirrors are notoriously difficult to remove, so we lived with them for a while and tried to hide them with the drapes.  These photos do not do justice to the number and placing of random mirrored walls in this home.


One of my favorite thing about his home was its cottage style.  I loved to plant tulips in the spring to play off of the cottage vibe.




I think a starter home is the epitome of the American Dream.  We are so lucky to live in a country where this is a possibility for so many.  For some it may be an apartment or a condo, for others it is a suburban mansion, but whatever it is, make it yours.

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I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I have!  Have a wonderful weekend!




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