New Year . . . New Tactics

I posted here about how it takes an act of God to get things hung in my house.  It got me thinking about my never-ending “Honey Do” List.  Nothing ever gets crossed off that list without a ton of nagging.  I mean CONSTANT nagging.

I don’t know about you, but despite what my husband thinks, I don’t enjoy nagging.  I just want it done!!


honeydo list 2

My friend Madeline over at Plan To Happy, has a different system she calls “Alternative Nagging” or the “Alterna-nag” for short.

Here is how it works.  Say, for example, you want your significant other to call a painter to paint your house.  You ask them ONCE to do it. Then, after a reasonable amount of time passes you ask them “how did it go with the painters?”  “What did they say?  “What was the quote?,” etc. Then the ball is in their court to admit they didn’t do it and get on it.  You are not nagging, just assuming they did what you asked.  Oh how reasonable you appear!

Brilliant, right?  It likely gets done faster without being a nag!  Win win.  I will never have to nag about one of these again.

honeydo list

It might even work with children as well.  I will have to continue my experiment!

Do you have any subtle tricks you use to get things checked off of your never-ending “Honey Do” List?


  1. Ah yes, it works like a charm!!! I have been working on my surprised face for when he hasn’t done something I asked him to do. 😉 Let me know how it works with kids – I will definitely try it to!!

  2. I will totally have to practice a “surprised face!” What a great idea to make it look really authentic. Thanks for the advice girl. I love the alterna-nag!

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