My Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived In That House

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I have a confession to make . . . The other day I found myself suffering from a major case of what I call “House Envy.”  This happens when I go into someone’s lovely home for the first time and walk out feeling that EVERYTHING in their home is perfect and EVERYTHING in mine is wrong or awful. Oh, this type of extreme thinking has gotten me into trouble more times than I can count.

As a design blogger, I am drawn to beautiful interiors and in turn often time feel like my home should look like the pages of a magazine.  It is hard to see home tours of amazing and talented bloggers and not compare my home to theirs.  But the images in magazines and from photo shoots are not REAL LIFE.  Real life is budgets, bills, outdated bathrooms, crayon on the walls, pet hair and sticky peanut butter fingers.  It is both lovely and limiting at the same time.

After I stopped sulking and recovered from my mini-meltdown (1st world problem, I know), I started to think about what life would be like if I did live in one of my “dream” or “perfect ” homes.

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I realized that there is no perfect anything.  No perfect home, husband, marriage, job or child.  I have learned over time, that behind the walls of some of those “perfect” homes there were families in crises.  A woman suffering from cancer, a family grappling with divorce, a family grieving over the loss of a child.  So, no my life would not be perfect even if I lived in my dream home.

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I need to stop suffering from house envy.  I need to learn to love what I have and make the absolute best of it.  Just like anything in life.  After all, that is what my parent’s taught me and what I will teach my girls.  It bums me out sometimes that I fall into this negative thinking- it seems so “high school!” Trust me, I am no school girl anymore.  I think all I can do is breath and reboot.  I can acknowledge this type of thinking when it happens and correct it instead of just dwelling.  My home, just like myself is a work in progress.  It is tells a story of my family and all of the stages of our life.

Have you ever suffered from a case of “House Envy?”  Would your life be “perfect” if you lived in that house??

Off I go to peel off some chipping paint!




  1. Beautifully written!! I’ve been planning to do a post on this very topic! You knocked it out of the ball park! I can definitely say that with 4 young kids and a cat that my home on most days does not match that of my home tour. Love how heartfelt this post is!!

  2. Thanks Tamara! I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. I am convinced that there is a pile of junk and kids toys on the other side of the room on all of the home tours 🙂

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