My Favorite Spot in Our Home

Hello everyone!!  This is Part II of a fun blogging series I am doing with four talented bloggers. This month we are featuring our favorite spot on our homes.  Everyone has a favorite place in their home, right?.  One that beckons them to sit down in relax. One where they go to hide from the kids?? For many, that place is the retreat of their bedroom.  Not so much for me. You see, my bedroom also houses my disheveled office.  I attempted to add a desk to tame the clutter, and you can read about that here.  Still, it is not a place I go to relax, as my work is always staring me in the face.

Instead, my favorite spot in our home is our living room.  After all, it is where all of the “living” is done.  Our home is on the smaller side and only has a living room and not a living room/family room combination.  So we spend a lot of time in it.  We are in desperate need of new couches, but with a 3 an 5 year old, I am not making that investment until we outgrow the peanut butter on hands phase, if you know what I mean.

I have made the best of the sofa by adding fun throw pillows to distract.  I can’t think of a more affordable decorating trick that makes such an impact. Pillows are definitely my go-to.  I am a hoarder of sorts!

Decorating Delirium Home Tour Living Room

Here is a shot of my favorite chair in the room.  She (yes, it is a she), is all dolled up for Christmas.

Holiday Home Tour 6

Our living room also features some DIY’s I am proud of.  My husband and I made this DIY upholstered console table and I love the way it ties into our space.  You can read a full tutorial here.

console wm 5 console wm 3

I love our family room because it is cozy, yet sophisticated.  There is nothing better than sitting down on a weekend, sharing a bottle of wine (or two) and hanging out there.  Speaking of wine, what room would be complete without a bar cart?  Here is ours.  It is from Target and I Heart It!  You see me rave about it and give tips on how to style it here.

Thanksgiving Table #1

What is your favorite space in your home?  Don’t tell me it is the bedroom.  I will be jealous . . .

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  1. Your living room is beautiful, so I can see why it’s your favorite spot! Plus there’s a bar in there! My favorite spot is in the living room too. It’s our favorite spot to lounge and hang out with each other.

  2. I love your living room, it’s such a great place to spend time with family. I can tell you guys are creating some great memories in that room. I really like how you have set up that bar cart. Love the details!

  3. I love your decorating style! I am not always so good with adding accents throughout the room…I find your decor very inspiring! I’m always looking for ideas like this…

  4. I love the decorative pillows on your couch! So cozy!

  5. Seriously beautiful Jen. Soooooo when can I come over!!

  6. So true, the living room is the room we “live” in the most! I love that your living room is bright and pretty, but yet still feels comfortable 🙂


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