My Christmas Fails and a Giveaway

Hi everyone!  I wanted to pop in today and show you some of my Christmas fails this year. I posted my holiday home tour here and you may be thinking that all of my projects and decor ideas turned out splendidly.  Most of them did, but I also want to show you some of the things I did that did not turn out so well : )

Case Example #1, are these beautiful candles I bought at World Market and this Nate Berkus candle holder.  I adored the Nate Berkus candle holder when I bought it last year.  It was gold and modern- what could go wrong, right?  Well, despite being a candle holder, it does not hold candles very well.  Every candle I put in was wobbly, or leaned, or looked crooked.  I even tried to wrap some tissue paper around the bottom end to stabilize the candles, but no such luck.

The striped candles from World Market are gorgeous, but they did not photograph well at all in the light I was dealing with. Hence, this photo did not make it into my tour!


Case Example # 2, is this gold nail head Christmas tree.  I had seen beautiful DIY versions of gold nail head wreaths and I figured this would be way less labor intensive.  Wrong! I used a styrofoam mold and bought 200 nail heads.  I thought that would be enough, but about 300 nail heads later, I had completed ONE.  I planned to make three, but my project stopped there.  It looked more like an ear of corn than the chic gold tree I was envisioning.  Epic fail.


Did you have any holiday or Pinterest fails this year?  If so, misery loves company, so please share in the comments!

I also ran across this post about a woman who spent an entire day creating abstract dots in her bathroom using a sharpie pen, only to later realize that with the moisture in the bathroom, they bleed.

Gorgeous Shiny Things

On a more positive note, I am going to have an amazing GIVEAWAY for you guys early next week.  You won’t want to miss this one.  You will get the chance to win a sweet treat that will help you get over all the gifts you bought for others over the holidays!  You deserve it!!  So don’t forget to check back in early next week for the chance to win!




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