My $2 Kitchen Makeover

I think everyone has a space in their home that makes them cringe.  I certainly do.  Maybe it is a junk drawer or even a junk room.  Maybe it is a space in the yard or an outdated bathroom.  The options for contempt are endless!

For me, it is the refrigerator in our kitchen.  The space for the refrigerator is framed in with a cabinet above, so unless we completely renovate the kitchen, we are stuck with the very small space we have.

That being said, the kitchen could seriously be used by munchkins, our refrigerator is so small.   I kid you not, it is one step above a college mini fridge. Not only is this very impractical for my family of four, it is such an eyesore.  The refrigerator is by a company called “Hotpoint” which apparently is sold at the Home Depot, although I have never seen it there.  Maybe I am too tall!

I am now going to show you a picture of it.  Promise not to laugh??




Ugh, I know!  No custom-built wall sized fridge here.  See how there is almost zero space to expand the size of the fridge?

However, never a girl to let circumstances stop me, I started to think of things I could do to make me like the space more.  I really enjoy cooking and don’t want to feel sad every time I look at this bad boy.

A few weeks ago, I was walking through Target and found this amazing copper-colored Duct Tape on sale for $2.  Yes, you heard me, Duct Tape.  It was on sale, and I thought it would go with my wall color, so I decided to give it a try.  I am loving how it turned out.

fridge wm


Fridge wM

From eyesore to conversation starter.  Voila!

I know a Duct Tape fridge isn’t for everyone.  My husband thought I was CRAZY with a capital “C.”  However, I encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to this household staple.  Duct Tape wrapping paper anyone?  How about Duct Tape art?

duct tape wrapping

  duct tape stripes

Dimples and Tangles

duct tape modern art

Style Me Pretty

Duck Brand Duct Tape comes in more colors and patterns than you can imagine from neon to chevron.  For all you moms with teenagers out there, I even saw “One Direction” Duck Tape.  Not joking.

Have you ever crafted or decorated with Duct Tape?  Do tell in the comments!


  1. Well what a surprise! 😉 Love how you dolled up your fridge…now it’s a beauty!

  2. I love it!!!! But I live in a condo. You think it comes off easy?


  1. […] This is a prime example why I should not be left to my own devices at Target.  A few weeks ago, I ran into this snakeskin duct tape on clearance at Target. For $1.50, I knew I would do something with it.  I swear they have duct tape in every pattern imaginable now.  I wrote about that and how I duct taped my fridge here. […]

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