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Hello there everyone!  Well, it is Monday and I am definitely back to reality from my tropical island vacation.  I was so relaxed and at ease while there, I started to take notice of the decor and lifestyle that defines island living.  I am hoping the photos below will inspire me to incorporate some relaxed elements to my home and help to mellow me out 🙂

Island Living 1

Some of the key elements of island style include airy fabrics, shells and coral, rattan, palm influences, and batik patterns.  In fact, I was just reading that palm trees are supposed to replace the fiddle leaf fig tree as the new trend.   Island living in some places is also influenced by British colonial style.

Island Living 2


Island Living 3 Veranda

Island Living 4


Island living 5

Douglas Friedman via Lonny

Island Living 6

Douglas Friedman via Lonny

Island Living 7

Coastal Living

Island Living 8

Island Living 9


Island Living 10

Williams Sonoma

Island Living 11


Island Living 12 Cote deTexas

How whimsical and laid back is this room with the hats incorporated into the decor?

India Hicks, who is the daughter of designer David Hicks (and one of Princess Diana’s flower girls) has a residence in the Bahamas and has written several books on island living.  Many of the photos above are of her home.  I highly recommend both of her books.  They are full of inspiration and make wonderful coffee table books.

Island Style Book 2   Island Living Book What about you?  Do you incorporate island living in your home?  Personally, I am a sucker for shells and coral.  I don’t care how trendy they are, to me they are timeless!

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