If Money Were No Object . . . This Custom Gift Wrap Room Would Be Mine

Happy Friday!!  Christmas is only 18 days away.  Crazy!!  My holiday stress level is starting to climb.

I have forever longed to be organized when it comes to my Christmas gift wrapping.  Despite my best efforts, I am always found the night before Christmas, locked in my room, on the floor wrapping about 100 gifts.  Alas, this process does not result in the most beautiful end result.


I have improved my wrapping skills in recent years, but sometimes I just lack the time and patience required.  In fact, one year I was volunteering for some charity at the mall gift wrapping gifts at Macy’s, and was delicately told I sucked and told to just help cut the ribbons!

Maybe if I had a custom gift wrapping room like this one, I would feel less stress and have beautifully wrapped presents!


This lucky lady looks pretty happy and stress-free!  Maybe one day such an organized beautiful room will be mine.
Do you or does anyone you know have a room like this?  If so, pleaseshare in the comments.  I promise I won’t hate you!

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