If Money Were No Object . . .

This edition of “If Money Were No Object” is dedicated to all of those dog lovers out there.  I hate to admit it, but there was a time when I thought that having a dog was comparable to having a child, and would probably have bought this for my dog.

fidos dog bed

wisteria dog daybed Wisteria

Yes, you saw it right, it is a dog bed that looks like a French Settee.  I posted here about how I really wanted a similar couch for my living room.  Might not be practical for me, but for my dog??  Hell to the yeah.

For $400 it could be mine.  Come on . . . Look at him . . . He is worth it right??

IMG_1195 A lap dog rocking a blue bow totally needs his own french settee.  Don’t you agree?

What types of over the top things have you bought for your dog?  Designer sweaters, pet carriers?  I won’t tell anyone.  I am just as guilty!!

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