If Money Were No Object . . .

Happy Friday Y’all!  On today’s episode of If Money Were No Object is the Chinese Chippendale Chair.  I have wanted one of these FOREVER!


I have scoured Craigslist and Ebay to find one of these to no avail.  The ones on Ebay are usually vintage and tend to be expensive and sometimes in need of repair.  So, I did some research and found this company that will make custom Chinese Chippendale Chairs for you.  That is right CUSTOM!!
Charlotte and Ivy will design a custom chair for $369.  You pick the finish, color and fabric!  You can even designate a certain level of distressing on the wood.
chair colors chair fabrics So, I went in and played “designer.”
If money were not object . . .This beauty would be mine.
I think I would put this in my daughter’s bedroom.  How stylish and cute for a little girl!
And, if money were really no object, I would probably get two (right??).  So, my second choice would be this one.
I would love to use this as a desk chair (if I ever have a space big enough for an office)!

Below is a bit more inspiration.  These chairs can go with a modern or traditional scheme and are so versatile.

Have you been able to score a deal on one of these beauties?  Aren’t they timeless?
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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