I See Ghosts . . .

I posted over on Facebook about a steal you could get on ghost chairs.  In case you are wondering, ghost chairs are chairs made of modern polycarbonate material in classic shapes, such as a Louis XV armchair.  They come in a variety of colors, but are most commonly clear.

I bit the bullet and ordered two and am happy to report that they are lovely!!  I think they are so versatile and add an airy elegance to any space. Since they are clear, they do not take up much visual space and are like a blank canvas to style.

Ghost chair pic


ghost chair pic 2


See below for more inspiration and to see how these versatile chairs can be incorporated into any decor.

ghost chair 10


ghost chair 5


ghost chair 17


ghost chair 16


ghost chair 15


ghost chair 14


ghost chair 13


ghost chair 12


ghost chair 9


ghost chair 8


ghost chair 7


ghost chair 6


ghost chair 4


What do you think?  Do you see ghosts too?  Or is it too modern for your taste??


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