Holiday Cards and Invitations by Interior Designers??

I was doing an agonizing search for the perfect Christmas card over the weekend, when I stumbled on an amazing discovery.

First, I discovered that Paperless Post, known for its digital communications, has a line of amazing paper cards and invitations.  Seems kind of counter-intuitive, right?  Maybe I have just been living under a rock!

Second, they have an AMAZING line of cards and invitations by interior and fashion designers.  Yes, you can have cards designed by Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and Oscar De La Renta.  They are soooo stylish.  Many of them come in my current crush- gold and white!

Check out these beauties from Kelly Wearstler:

Kelly Wearstler Invitation

Kelly Wearstler Holiday Card

Kelly Wearstler Holiday Card 2

Kelly Wearstler Invitation 2


These Jonathan Adler options are whimsical and chic!

Johnathan Adler Invitation 2

Jonathan Adler Card

Jonathan Adler card 3

Johnathan Adler Invitation 1 Finally, if you are a fan of Oscar de la Renta, you will love these choices.

Oscar de La Renta Invitation

Oscar de La Renta 3

Oscar de la Renta Invitation 2


Oscar de la Renta Card

This is just a selection of the amazing options over at Paperless Post.  They also feature a ton of designs by other famous designers, such as Kate Spade.  It is hard to choose just one!  Head over here to check out the unique and exclusive designs offered by Paperless Post.


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