Halloween Dinner Party

Hello Friends!  I have to admit I have not been one to decorate much for Halloween.  But, now that I have kids who love it, I have wanted to throw a Halloween themed party.  They love Halloween and light up at the decorations and spooky fun!

To start, my ideal Halloween party would feature chic decor from ZGallerie !  How fun is this spooky and edgy black and gold tableware?

OB-Zgallerie Halloween

Plates / Branches / BottlesCandelabra/ Stemware/ Skull

You can’t have a Halloween party without some Pinterest worthy food, right?

My party would start out by digging into some Monster Brain!

Halloween Monster Brain


I would then follow it up with a main course of spooky spaghetti!

Halloween Spaghetti

The 36th Street Avenue

Finally, I would end this feast with spider cupcakes!  How cute are these??

Halloween Spider cup cakes

Damn Delicious

As for party “guests,” my ideal line up would include some Disney villians (for my kids of course). We would be decked out like the Evil Queen, Malificent, and Cruella Deville.  My kids are actually trying to get me to dress as Cruella this year!  I don’t think I could pull of the black and white hair!!

Do you entertain at Halloween?  What would your ideal Halloween party entail?  What are your plans for Halloween this year??

I am taking part in Atlantic Shopping’s Halloween Dinner Party Competition.  Head over here to check out all of the fun and creative entries.




  1. Super cute ideas, Jennifer! Definitely would make for a fun party!!:-)

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