Gift Guide for Her (Okay . . . for me)

So last year, I sat by as all of the talented bloggers I follow published posts on holiday gift guides. Gift guides for him, for children, for pets, for the hostess, for the obsessive compulsive, etc.   I really wanted to publish my own last year, but there was simply not enough time.  I am learning that when I surf the internet trying to come up with amazing gifts, I get sucked into websites and lose track of all time!

This year I was determined to come up with a guide, so here is my gift guide for her.  I am hoping to publish a few more, maybe for the hostess or for him, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, this can give my husband a wealth of ideas!  Worth a try, right??

OB-Gift Guide for Her

cosmetic case / bracelet / scarf / gloves / wallet /earings

How are you doing on your holiday shopping?  Any special gifts on your list?  I am usually much more organized and on top of things, so this year I may be down to the wire!!




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