Faux Bois

Many years ago I remember reading an article in Martha Stewart Living about faux bois and I was intrigued.  Faux bois is a French term meaning “false wood” and it refers to a material or finish that appears to be real wood, but isn’t.  A faux bois effect can be achieved by painting, printing, or imprinting a design on textiles or pottery.  I love the natural yet chic and glamorous effect it adds.  I used very subtle faux bois plates on my Thanksgiving table that you can see here.   I love how it is used in the photos below.

Faux Bois Interior 2


Faux bois bathroom

Benjamin Dhong

Faux Bois Interior 3

Vintage Luxe

Faux Bois Interior 5

Country Living

Faux Bois Vase


Faux Bois Tabletop


Below are some ideas for introducing faux bois into your decor.

OB-Faux Bois

Straws / Pillow / Rug / Fabric / Paper Plate / Bowl

Have you ever used faux bois in your decor?  Are you like me and leave it to smaller accent pieces or do you go all out with a carpet or painted walls?




  1. […] This year, I used gold polka dot gift wrap and faux bois gift wrap with tons of pink and green ribbon.  You can read about my faux bois obsession here. […]

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