Exercising Restraint

Hey hey hey!!  I am back from my glorious Mexican vacation and I ain’t gonna lie- it is hard to get back to real life.  Too much money spent and nothing to do now but laundry and catch up on work!  My little bit of a tan is already starting to fade!!

The exciting news is that we had two rooms in our house painted while we were away.  I am pleased at the result, but it always takes me a while to adjust to any visual change in my home, even if it is a change for the better.  One of the rooms we had painted was my daughter’s and we moved all of her furniture and toys into our dining room so they had better access to her room.

When the time came to put her room back together, I found myself really editing what I chose to put back into it.  Now our dining room table is filled with decorative accessories that I opted not to put back. I have drawn the conclusion that in many rooms in my home, I simply have too much stuff.  Too many accessories.  I think my husband agrees ( he secretly thinks I am a hoarder!)

So, this time around I am really exercising restraint.  Less is more.  Negative space can be just as inviting and beautiful as a room full of objects.  While, I am still far from a minimalist, I found the images below inspiring.  You can tell that restraint was exercised in each space.  Each one simple, but beautiful.


Minimalist 7


Minimalist 3


Minimalist 5


Minimalist 2


Minimalist 8


Minimalist 4


Minimalist 9


What do you think?  Is it too stark for you?  Do you ever find yourself constantly editing your spaces?  I am by no means a minimalist, but I do find myself constantly evaluating if something is needed in a space.

I know one thing for sure, it is much easier to keep clutter at bay with a minimalist approach!

I have Spring fever, so hoping to have some Spring-inspired posts soon.  If I can’t be in sunny Mexico, at least I can dream of Spring.




  1. I so agree with you. For some reason I seem to want a cleaner and less cluttered look too. I have been purging accessories like mad.

    • Yes Marty I think it is when I took it all away I was able to clearly see the space and what it needed. I have been selling some of my extra stuff on a local site, so that has been an added bonus too!

  2. Boy-o-boy can I relate to the fine art of restraint. One of my crafts is using upcycled bottles, mostly wine and assorted spirit bottles, and then decoupage them. Too often, there’s an urge to add “one more element”, one more flower, etc. Before ya know it, that tasteful work of art turns from Shabby Chic to Shabby Glass & Glitter Roadkill, haha! Restraint is an art in and of itself and that most certainly shows in your photos. When there’s just a few, key pieces here and there, it makes the space look calm, pleasing and elegant.

    • You kill me Mary- glitter Roadkill!! Yes, it is easier said then done and I think sometimes it is part of our culture. More is always better, or so we think. It can be freeing sometimes just to go with something simple! Thanks so much for stopping by Mary.

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