DIY Spotted Tablecloth

The other day I posted here about our Valentine’s Day table.

Valentine's Table VM

I thought I would show you how to make the DIY spotted pink tablecloth on the table.  It is so easy to do and it can be customized to any color scheme.  I think it would be really nice with black spots as well.

Here is what I used:




  • 1 1/2 yards of white fabric
  • Potatoes in a small, medium and large size
  • Acrylic Fabric Paint that can be used on fabric (I used Marta Stewart Craft Paint in Fruit Punch)
  • Foam Paint Brush (not pictured)

FIRST, I covered my table with plastic garbage bags.  This paint definitely bleeds through the fabric, so protect the underlying surface.



SECOND, I cut each potato in half and dipped a half in the paint.  I randomly stamped the fabric all over.  I like that the shapes of the potatoes are not perfectly round.  It makes it look custom and unique as opposed to polka-dotted.


FINALLY, I took the end of a foam paint brush and dipped it in the paint and added random round circles where there were empty spots.  The end of the brush is also useful for filling in any mistakes made using the potato stamps.

That is it- easy peasy!  I bet my four-year old has done something similar in preschool!  It is fun and adds a pop of color to our house for Valentine’s Day!


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