DIY Birch Pillars

birch banner 2

So, I was brainstorming ideas for a spring table when I came across these birch rounds at Michael’s craft store.

birch pillars

They came in a variety of  thicknesses.  The only problem was they were about $8-10 a piece.  That is no biggie if you just want a few, but if you want to make a big statement, that can get pricey.  So, I started to think about how easy it would be to make my own.

I went to my birch log stockpile  (doesn’t everyone have one of these??) and pulled out my circular saw.

birch logs

Some of the rounds needed to be sanded down a bit, but all in all they looked really nice.  Here they are dressed up like little models!

birch pillar 3

birch pillar 5

birch pillar 4


birch pillar 2


birch pillar 1

They just put a little “spring” in my step!  Stay tuned, as I will have a reveal of our table set for a spring brunch and will show you some other spring touches around our home.

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