Diamond Door Knobs

AI currently live in an old home.  I am talking 1920’s old.  I have always lived in older homes.  Always have and always will!  I can’t get enough of the character and charm that older homes have. One of my favorite features of these homes are the custom crystal and glass door knobs they have.



I recall as a young girl being enamored with them.  I would pretend they were large diamonds!  The imagination of a child- I know!!


The other day, I received a catalog from a lighting company called Rejuvenation Lighting and House Parts.  They have the most beautiful light fixtures, pulls and knobs that are new, but look a bit vintage.  I came across these beautiful glass door knobs.

These fixtures are not cheap by any means, but it is good to know that replacements are available. Or, in the event we build a custom home down the road, that such classic fixtures are available!

I hope one day, my little girls dream of diamonds on their doorknobs too!

What about you?  Have you ever lived in an older home?  What was your favorite charming feature?


  1. […] Hi friends!  I hope your 2016 is off to a great start.  I have been obsessively making plans for our new home.  I seriously need to slow down and take it one project at a time.  It is just all too exciting!! Today I want to share some inspiration photos on some easy ways you can add architectural detail to your home. We are blessed to live in an older home with amazing molding, arches and built-ins.  We even have what I call “diamond door nobs.”  I wrote all about my love of these vintage door nobs here. […]

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