Decorating With Moss

I know it is only October, but I have Christmas decorating on my mind.  I am on a committee for a Holiday Home Tour for my daughter’s school. I was lucky enough to visit an amazing local home that was already decorated for the holidays.  The colors were a combination of mixed metallics and Chartreuse green.  There were the most elegant vignettes of white birch logs covered in moss hanging from the ceiling.  It was modern and rustic woodland all at the same time! After leaving the tour, I was determined to use moss in some of my Christmas decorating this year. I am particularly fond of the wreaths covered in reindeer moss as they look like such an easy DIY. While I am considering using it for the holidays, it also transitions very well into spring.

Reindeer Moss 1

Lovely Greenie

Reindeer Moss 4

Laurey Glenn

Reindeer Moss 6


Reindeer Moss 5

Style Me Pretty

Reindeer Moss

Elizabeth Anne Design

Reindeer Moss 2

Lemonade Makin’ Mama

I think moss, particularly reindeer moss, is a nice alternative to boxwood or magnolia for the holidays, what do you think? Hopefully, I will have time to put together a DIY with some moss this holiday season! Have a great weekend! xoxo signature

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