Creative Ways to Display Christmas Cards

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It is hard to believe that Christmas is only 36 days away.  Eeek!   This time of year, I start to look forward to seeing Christmas cards come in the mail from friends and family.  It is nice to get updates on people’s kids and see current pictures.  However, I always struggle with what to do with the cards once they arrive.

I used to keep them in a basket, but that is really no better than keeping them in a drawer!  So, I looked into some fun ways to display them in the holiday season.

First, one of the easiest ways is to simply tape ribbon to the top of your door and let it hang down. Then proceed to tape or clip the holiday cards on. Popsugar illustrates this technique perfectly.

xmas card holder 4

I am thinking of trying this Christmas card tree idea from Martha Stewart.  I think it would fit in so nicely with other holiday decor.

xmas card holder martha stewart

Another simple idea I found over at Better Homes and Gardens is to make a card wreath.  This could work really well if you don’t have too many to display.


xmas card holder bhg

Jen over at Tatertots and Jello made this beautiful card ladder.  The best part is that you could use this all year round as part of your decor or as a whimsical element in a child’s room.

xmas card holder tater tots and jello

I really love this idea of suspending a birch log and hanging cards from that.  This log card holder was created by Welcoming Design.

xmas card holder 3


Kristin, over at The Hunted Interior, used a beautiful sunburst mirror to tuck away and display cards. I love it!

Hunted-Interior-Home depo style challenge


Finally, over at Better Homes and Gardens, there is this beautiful card garland.

xmas card holder bhg 3

Do you have a special tradition for displaying your cards?

On a more controversial topic- what do you do with your cards at the end of the season? Every season I sit there staring at beautiful cards with photos of families, babies and toddlers and feel so bad throwing them away!

What do you do?  Do you toss them or save them?


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