Creating a Statement Above the Headboard

In my bedroom, I have lovely nailhead headboard, and above my bed I have a classic sunburst mirror, yet I have always felt that something was missing.

I was thinking about maybe hanging some simple curtain panels hung from a rod above the headboard, to create a more dramatic effect.  Maybe something like this?  I like the way it frames the mirror.

Ballard framed curtains Ballard Designs

I also like the way it can frame the bed and make it look so inviting and cozy!

traditional home curtain framing

Using curtains to frame a bed for a canopy is nothing new.

mary mcdonald curtain bed

Mary McDonald

pink canopy Mrs. Howard

However, the fabric and labor required to create a canopy is intensive.  Framing just the headboard is easy and inexpensive with a bit of the same effect.  Call me lazy!!

Please play decorator for me . . . Should I try it?

I will keep you posted.



  1. Heather Morris says:

    Absolutely! Really cute…I think I like it more than the actual canopy :).

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