Copy Cat Garden Stool

Sooooo, I was wandering through the Home Depot the other day and I stumbled upon this while looking at flowers in the garden section.

home depo garden stool 2 I have seen this garden stool with interlinking circles at various decor sites online.  This version from Home Depot is only $59.98.

There are MUCH more expensive versions of this stool.

For $475.00, this stool from Plantation Design could be yours . . .

Plantation stool cropped For $450.00, this one could be yours from Williams-Sonoma Home . . .

  ws stool

The Home Depot version only comes in an Ivory, so I would probably paint it.  Maybe some fun, bright color?  Also, the Home Depot version is made of cast resin, not ceramic, but seriously, for the price you could buy 8.

I have a secret crush on garden stools and have several in my home.  I think they are so versatile and can fit into every design aesthetic from modern to cottage, and can be used indoors or out.

I think these garden stools from Home Depot definitely give you the look for less!

Have you ever decorated using garden stools?  What is your favorite space to tuck one away??


  1. Do you think you’d have to do a coat of primer or some other material before painting it?

  2. I think it would be a good idea. If you were using something like Chalk Paint you could skip it. But primer is so easy to apply with spray paint, it is an easy step that will make the final product even nicer.

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