Charlotte’s Room Refresh

Hi all!  It has been a long time since I last posted.  Things have been busy busy around here.  Working on a few design projects has sucked up the majority of my free time.  For ages, I have wanted to makeover my 8 year old daughter’s room.  It is the only room in our home that has not been painted since we purchased the house.  I have been indecisive on what to do with it.  I have also been wanting to use wallpaper in another room in our house.  I bit the bullet and wallpapered our breakfast nook and I just adore it.

So, this wall paper from Thibaut was my starting point for the room.

I ordered a sample and it is definitely more fushia pink in person that the online image.  Here is the rest of design board I am using for inspiration.

Only thing holding me back is purchasing the wallpaper.  It is expensive and I need quite a few rolls.  And then I have to pay to have it hung.  No way I am attempting to DIY that one.  Strong is a woman who knows her limits.

What do you guys think?  Wallpaper is such an investment, and I do hope to move to our forever home someday.  But, we might be in our home forever, so I am also thinking seize the day!

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  1. Sue Loustalot says:

    Jennifer- Remember your idea of framing large pieces of wall paper, instead of papering the entire wall. Cuts down on the amount you need (reduces the cost) and may help the color from being over whelming.

  2. Paula Golato says:

    Would you consider papering 1/2 the wall and put in a chair rail? It’d still be expensive but only half as much on wallpaper.

    • What a great idea Paula. I honestly never though of that. I love the look of a chair rail and have never had one in our home. What would I do without you guys. Thanks for the input.

  3. Hi! Gorgeous home! Would you mind sharing the source of the wallpaper?

  4. Ahh me again! So I actually was referring to the blue shibori type print in dining room. Do you happen to know that one?

  5. Hi Jennifer!
    Could you please share the wallpaper used in the main photo in the room with the built in china cabinet? Love it:)
    Thank you,

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