Chalk Paint Makeover

Yes, I have yet another Annie Sloan Chalk Paint makeover to show you.  I wrote here about what I though were the advantages and disadvantages of this unique paint. Seriously, I should be in sales for her!

I was lucky to inherit this beautiful piece of furniture.  It is solid wood and has such a classic shape.  The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the finish.


The piece opens up and has bookshelf-like storage inside.  I though it would be a wonderful way to store books in my daughter’s room.

I chose to use the color Paris Grey for the body of the piece.  It is a soft and slightly bluish grey.  The furniture painted with it looks like it came from a French château or a Swedish manor.

I used painters tape to tape the paneling, as I wanted to paint the edges of the paneling in Old White to give it some contrast.

This paint dries so fast I was able to do both the body and the paneling in one sitting.  Here is the final result:

Watermarked Annie Sloan

Quite a transformation, don’t you think?  The best part is that it cost me next to nothing as I already had the paint on hand from a prior project.  

Don’t worry . . . more Chalk Paint makeovers to come!


  1. clare purtill says:

    Wow it turned out beautiful. Love your blog

  2. laurel douglas says:

    Jenny – where do you get your chalk paint?

    • Hi Laurel! I have purchased mine both on Ebay (when I needed only a little bit) and from a store called the Red Door in Elk Grove. If you google “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint” you can find the official site and look up a local stockist. I bet there is one closer your way. There are also other companies that make Chalk-like paint, but Annie Sloan is the original. I also have a Pinterest board named “Annie Sloan” that has links to sites that talk about how to best apply it, etc. Good Luck!

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