10 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

With the advent of Pinterest, long gone are the days of the Paas Easter Egg dying kit in my house. Can anyone else relate?  Easter egg decorating is actually a craft that I feel comfortable tackling. Some of the ideas below were done by yours truly, so if I can do it, anyone can.  This year, why don’t you think outside the “carton” and try something new!

Can you believe that the eggs below are colored using whipped cream???  That is what gives them their dreamy watercolor look.  Click on the source below for the full tutorial!

Easter Egg 4


These ombre dyed eggs by yours truly could not be simpler.  You simply increase the level of dye exponentially.  I opted for blue, but you could use the hue of your choice. You can read the full tutorial here.

Easter Eggs 8

These botanical eggs look too good to be true and they are!  The secret?? Temporary tattoos.  No wonder the artwork looks like perfection!

Easter Egg 7


Waste not want not.  These unique eggs use broken shells to create a mosaic effect.  How cool it that??

Easter Egg 5


I created these decoupage eggs on a whim.  All you need is paper napkins of your choice and Mod Podge. Paper napkins come in such a variety of patterns and colors, the possibilities are endless.  You can read the full tutorial here.

Easter Egg 6

These DIY marbled eggs actually use nail polish to achieve this unique look.  I adore the on-trend indigo color as well. For a full tutorial click on the source below.

Easter Egg 2

Source Photos by Sara Albers

Would you believe me if I told you that these eggs were dyed using Kool-Aid?  I love the abstract lines and if you tell your kids that Kool-Aid is involved, they might just want to try something different this year.

Easter Eggs 9


Gold is so on trend right now, why not incorporate it into your Easter theme.  These gold foil eggs are gorgeous with their bold colors and gold highlights.

Easter Egg 1


I love the idea of cameo eggs.  These silhouette based eggs look a little daunting, however the precise lines can be created by using contact paper.  Why not have your little cuties on your eggs this year?

Eggs 2


These moss-covered eggs are simple but so adorable.  You could customize them any way you like.  I have so much moss lying around my house from various craft projects,  I could do soo many of these!

Easter Egg 3


All of these ideas sound totally doable, right?  I am tempted to try more than one.  Well, I guess we will see how much dye, whipped cream, or Kool-Aid gets spilled in the process!

Do you have a favorite method for dying Easter eggs?  Do tell.  I would love to hear your tips and tricks.




Got 20 Minutes? Try This DIY!

Hi friends!  I just had to pop in today and share this quick and easy DIY.

Rub n Buff Frame 2

So, I was in Target buying Qtips and of course I get lulled into the home decor section because why not??  Unfortunately, for my wallet Target was getting in Christmas items and had their fall decor on clearance for 50% off.  (I really need to use Amazon or Jet subscriptions for household items.  It would save me hundreds of dollars by avoiding Target!!)  I found these fun graphic art prints for only $12.00, but the frames were kind of blah.


I thought they would look great above my television in my bedroom and the colors would work great!  When I got them home, I realized I had some gold Rub ‘N Buff from this project left over.  I thought it would be fun to tape off the corners and make a statement in gold.

Rub N Buff

So, I marked off my corners with painters tape.  I used 2 3/4 inches all around as my measurement.  I made a pencil mark where the tape would need to end.  Finally, I rubbed a bit or Rub ‘N Buff on, waited a few minutes and buffed it out with a rag so it was all shiny!  If you have never used Rub ‘N Buff before I highly recommend it.  It is so easy to use and instantly adds a brass touch to whatever you are working on.  It also comes in a variety of finishes.


Here is the frame before.  Nice, but nothing special.

Rub N Buff frame 1

Here is the after.  I think it adds contrast and interest.  I think this would look really nice on black frames as well.

Rub n Buff Frame

So, if you have a few extra minutes this weekend, why not waken up some boring old frames.  It is an easy way to freshen up you existing decor for next to nothing!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I am going to work on getting my Christmas decor out-eek!  The life of a design blogger  . . .



DIY Towel Tree

Jennifer Lippi Patio Sytle Challenge Maybe Text

Hi friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We did and now we are off on a trip to Disneyland!  Time will tell if we leave it the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

I am so excited to be participating in a new series with some super talented bloggers.  We will be blogging on a new topic each month.  As spring is in the air, this month we are blogging about all things outdoors. I am really excited about the project I have to share with you today.

It has felt like spring here in California for a while.  In the spring and summer, our family spends a ton of time in the pool.  One of the things that drives me crazy is that my kids leave their pool towels in a heap on the ground and they never dry out and I have to bring them in and wash them.  Actually, now that I think about it, the same thing happens inside!!

I found a fun DIY fix to this problem.  It is called a towel tree and it is made out of very basic materials from the Home Depot.

DIY Towel Tree

Here is what you will need:


  • drill
  • pipe cutter
  • screwsetter bit
  • measuring tape
  • carpenter’s square
  • 7/8″ wood bit


  • 4 x 4 cedar (4 1/2′)
  • 5/4 x 6 cedar (6′)
  • outdoor wood glue
  • 3/4″ copper pipe (12′)
  • 3/4″ copper end caps (4)
  • post cap
  • paint or wood sealer/finish

Here is what you do:

  1. Cut the main post and feet to size. See the diagram here.  Sand these pieces before assembly, and use a screwsetter bit in all screw locations.
  2. Using a 7/8″ wood bit, drill 2 holes in the post for the 3/4″ copper pipe as indicated.
  3. Install the four feet, using outdoor wood glue and 2″ deck screws. Use a carpenter’s square to ensure that the post is vertical to the base. Apply glue, secure each foot with one screw then set the second screw when the leg is at right angles to the post.
  4. Cut two lengths of 3/4″ copper pipe to size, and insert them through the pre-drilled holes in the post. Cap each end with a 3/4″ end cap.
  5. Using a little glue or caulking, attach the post cap.

If you need more detail, you can see the formal plans and specifications here.

Isn’t this a fun solution?  You could even use it to hang swim suits out to dry.  I am also really pleased with how the copper looks against the white.

So far, my children have not become so lazy that hanging it on one of these low hangers is too much trouble.  But  . . . time will tell!

For more outdoor inspiration, definitely hop over to these amazing blogs to see what fun outdoor ideas my blogging buddies have to share.

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Tips for Restoring a Campaign Dresser

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  I sure did!

I wanted to pop in today to follow-up on a post I did about my Campaign Dresser makeover.  I learned a few tips along the way that I wanted to pass along.

Tips for Restoring a Campaign Dresser

So, when I found my dresser for only $50 on Craigslist, I was beyond ecstatic. She was a diamond in the rough.  I realized that two or three of the hardware brackets were missing, but figured it would be super easy to find replacements on Ebay or Etsy. WRONG!!

I searched and searched for the missing L brackets and could find nothing on Ebay, Etsy or Craigslist.  CRAP!  The signature of a campaign dresser is the hardware and having missing hardware was just not going to do.  I went on a wild goose chase to track down the hardware, so I want to let you know where all the possible sources are in the event you ever find yourself wanting to restore a similar piece.

EBAY and ETSY:  I recommend first doing a cursory search on Ebay and Etsy to see if you get lucky.  Exact matches are hard to find, but it is worth doing a quick search.

SALVAGE FROM ANOTHER PIECE:  You may want to consider looking for another piece of campaign furniture on Craigslist and using it just for the hardware.  While this may seem expensive, if you are looking for something like a pull, buying it new will cost you a pretty penny. It may be cost-effective in the long run

HOME DEPOT AND LOWE’S:  You could consider buying inexpensive brackets from a box store.  This is my least favorite option.  It just does not look as authentic.  You have to use bulky screws, whereas campaign hardware uses tiny brad nails.  See what I mean by looking at the picture below?


l bracket

CUSTOM ORDER THROUGH AN INTERIOR DESIGNER:  You can have an interior designer order them through the Decorative Hardware Studio, but it is very expensive.  About $25 per piece.  If you are replacing all the hardware, this really adds up.

BUY IT NEW ONLINE:  You can buy new brackets and hardware new at Vintage Hardware. They sell recessed pulls as well as L brackets and T brackets.  This is the route I went and I was very pleased.  While I only needed 4 pieces, I wanted mine to match exactly as far as the finish was concerned, so I ended up replacing them all.  If you have to do this, you could always make up for the cost, buy selling the existing hardware on Ebay or Etsy.

I was lucky that I did not have to buy new pulls.  Mine just required a good soak in some Brasso. I let them soak for about 20 minutes.  I have also heard you can use baking soda and lemon juice. Centsational Girl has an excellent post about polishing brass that you can read here.  Here is a before and after of the hardware:


All shiny and new!  By the way, it is important to find out if you are dealing with real brass or brass plate before attempting to polish.  If you take a magnet to the hardware and it sticks, it is only brass plated.  If it falls off, you are dealing with real brass.

So, there you have it, all of the information you could ever need about campaign hardware.  If you ever need to replace or find pieces, I have done all of the legwork for you!

What are your tips for finding vintage hardware?  Do you go on wild goose chases too?



Customize Ikea Furniture With O’verlays

Hi friends!  I have a secret product to share with you today.  Have you heard of O’verlays?  They are lightweight decorative panels that come in a variety of shape and sizes.  You can order strips, have them custom-made, or they have kits that fit a variety of collections of Ikea furniture.  That’s right, they are custom-made to fit Ikea furniture, so no guesswork or measuring involved.  They are the type of product that makes me think- “why didn’t I think of that???”

We are getting ready to makeover my daughter’s nursery into a big girl room.  I am so hesitant to move her out of a crib, so I have just slowly been doing little DIY projects around her room.  One of my favorite updates I did, was to add O’verlays to her plain white Ikea Hemnes dresser.

The O’verlays come white and you can paint them if you want.  I think I am going to go with pink and grey for her room, so I pained them a dark grey color.  I also updated the dresser knobs with crystal ones from Anthropologie.  It is amazing what a little paint and new hardware can do.  You simply paint them and adhere them with Liquid Nails.  Here is how it turned out:


O'verlays Ikea Hemnes Makeover

O'verlays Ikea Hemnes Makeover 3

O'verlays Ikea Hemnes Makeover 2

Here are some  other furniture makeovers using Overlays.  Pretty amazing transformations, right?
Overlays malm update hack

Work, Play, Etc. via Pinterest

Ikea Hemnes update hack

Apartment Therapy

Ikea rast update hack

My Overlays

Overlays Ikea update hack


Overlays ikea update hack 2


Ikea Hack update amanda carol interiores

Amanda Carol Interiors

Overlays also has kits to customize Ikea shelving and corners for Ikea tables.  The options are endless!!

overlay-kit-for-ikea-vittsjo-shelf-unit (1)


Genius idea, right??  I have some greek key trim I ordered from O’verlays that I am going to use on another project, so stay tuned.

Have you ever used O’verlays or DIY’d your own decorative panels?  Please share in the comments!



DIY Placemat Pillow

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite tips for affordable pillows.   I love to use table linens such as placemats and napkins to make pillows.  Many companies such as Pottery Barn have the same patterns and prints they feature on their expensive pillow covers also available on their table linens.

photo (2)

This technique could not be simpler, and it is a great idea to use for seasonal decor.  I have a hard time spending $40 on Christmas pillows that I will use only for a few weeks.  This is a much more affordable alternative.

I wanted to add some rustic fall elements to our home and I found these simple placemats for a steal at Homegoods.

Here is what you will need:


Poly-Fil (Polyester Fiber)-I got mine at Joann here.

Seam Ripper- I got mine at Joann here for about $2.00.

Needle and thread


Step 1– Take your seam ripper and gently start removing the stitches from one corner of the placemat.  I only remove enough of the seam to allow my hand to fit in to stuff the stuffing (about 3-4 inches).


Step 2– Start stuffing the placemat with the Poly-Fil.  For best results, I recommend using small portions at a time and then massaging it around in your hands before stuffing it in the mat. Most brands of Poly-Fil also come with a stick that you can use to press the stuffing into the corners.

Step 3 – Use a needle and thread to hand stitch the opening closed and voila you have a new pillow.  Here is how mine turned out and I love it.  It only cost me about $5.00 for one!

Placemat Pillow 2

Placemat Pillow

Do you have any tips or tricks for inexpensive pillows?  I would love to hear in the comments!