Pool Time!

Help!  I am melting!  I don’t know about you, but where I live, it is like living on the sun right now.  On Monday, it was 106 degrees and yesterday it was supposed to cool off to a crisp 100 degrees.  All of this heat has me dreaming of a swimming pool.  The ironic thing is that my mother’s family actually owns a swimming pool company here in town.  Maybe one day, one of their amazing pools will be mine.  Until then, I will have the eye candy below to cool me down.

Pools AllisonBPhotography Alise Obrien 

pools design dump


Pools House Beautiful House Beautiful

Pools Limestone and boxwoods

Pinterest Pools Mark D Sikes

 Mark D. Sikes

Pools Pinterest 2


Pools veranda Veranda

pools rennefineberg

 Renee Finberg

Pools Pinterest 3 Renee Finberg

Pools Pinterest


Doesn’t it just make you want to take a dip??  How many of you out there are lucky enough to own a pool?  How often do you use it?  Do tell in the comments!


If Money Were No Object . . . This Custom Gift Wrap Room Would Be Mine

Happy Friday!!  Christmas is only 18 days away.  Crazy!!  My holiday stress level is starting to climb.

I have forever longed to be organized when it comes to my Christmas gift wrapping.  Despite my best efforts, I am always found the night before Christmas, locked in my room, on the floor wrapping about 100 gifts.  Alas, this process does not result in the most beautiful end result.


I have improved my wrapping skills in recent years, but sometimes I just lack the time and patience required.  In fact, one year I was volunteering for some charity at the mall gift wrapping gifts at Macy’s, and was delicately told I sucked and told to just help cut the ribbons!

Maybe if I had a custom gift wrapping room like this one, I would feel less stress and have beautifully wrapped presents!


This lucky lady looks pretty happy and stress-free!  Maybe one day such an organized beautiful room will be mine.
Do you or does anyone you know have a room like this?  If so, pleaseshare in the comments.  I promise I won’t hate you!

If Money Were No Object . . .I Would Give These Mark and Graham Monogrammed Napkins

I posted earlier this week here about some great DIY hostess gifts for the holidays.

While these hostess ideas are lovely, if money were no object . . .these monogrammed linen napkins from Mark and Graham would be . . .somebody’s!


mark and graham

mark and graham 2

mark and graham 3 Aren’t they just lovely?  I love the rainbow of colors they come in.  I think they were even included on Oprah’s Favorite Things List one Year!

A set of 8 will set you back $118.  These would be a nice splurge if you are staying quite a bit of time somewhere over the holidays and a larger “thank you” is in order!

So, invite me over.  One day if money is no object . . .they might be yours!


If Money Were No Object . . .

Happy Friday!!

When it comes to decorating, I tend to obsess over decorative accessories.  They tend to be reasonably affordable as compared to staple pieces and can really make an impact.  You can find me on any given day moving accessories around my house!

However, since decorative accessories can sometimes be trendy, I am hesitant to spend too much money on them.

But, if money were not object this beautiful brass urchin from Williams-Sonoma Home would be mine.

williams sonoma starburst

williams sonoma starburst 2


These modern urchin sculptures have been made popular designers like Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler.  They are part of the retro glam trend and have been seen all over the place from bookshelves, to coffee tables, to walls.

This one from Williams-Sonoma Home will set you back $195 (just slightly out of my retro glam budget!).

But, if money were no object . . . it would be mine!

Have a great weekend!




If Money Were No Object . . .

Happy Friday Y’all.  I posted earlier in the week here about my tired bedding I have had since we got married.  I would love to have a new set, but purchasing an entire set can add up really fast.  I am not a “bed in a bag” king of gal!

However, if money were no object . . .This luxurious couture bedding from Leontine Linens would be mine.


Leontine Linens 1

Avrea Wagner

Leotine Linens 3 Katie Ridder 

Due to the customization, the design lends itself well to any room in the house.  Look how well it translates into a little girl’s room?  What little girl would not love to have her haven here?

Leontine Linens 2 Katie Ridder

Leontine Linens 3

Avrea Wagner

The products are cut and sewn to order and they have a signature collection of monograms and borders.  I love me some monograms and Leontine is the best of the best!

This level of couture customization costs a pretty penny, but this is my day to live in la la land.  Maybe one day when I win the lottery, a set of custom Leontine bedding will be mine!

Have a wonderful weekend.


If Money Were No Object …

Since I am wrapping up “Ikea Week,”  I am going to feature a beautiful Ikea kitchen in this episode of “If Money Were No Object.”

I have always lived in homes where the kitchens were somewhat outdated and I have lived with them (1st world problem, I know).  However, I have always dreamed of creating my dream kitchen from scratch.

So, if money were no object this simple, clean, white kitchen featuring Ikea cabinets and hardware would be mine.


I love how open and airy it feels.  White kitchens are all the rage right now, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon!
Ikea cabinets get excellent reviews for durability and style.  You can see a list of pros and cons from real homeowners here.
What would your dream kitchen be if you could design it from scratch?  Please do tell in the comments!
I hope you have enjoyed “Ikea Week” and that you have learned something new!
In case you missed it, I discussed my all time Ikea favorites here.  You can discover all kinds of Ikea Hacks here and here. Finally, you can get the scoop on the Ikea Family Rewards Program here.
Have a wonderful weekend!

If Money Were No Object . . .

This one goes out to all of my mom friends who I know can relate!!

If money were no object this $100 time out timer stool from Wisteria would be mine.  Those of you who know the personalities of my two precious little girls know I employ time outs often!

wisteria time out stool

It comes in Navy and White.  If you are so inclined, you can check out how to make your own version of this stool over at Apartment Therapy.

What is your strategy?  How long should a time out be?  And the age-old question: Do you think they really work?

Have a lovely weekend!!


If Money Were No Object

I need quite a few new pieces of furniture in my home and a console table is one of them. Most of my living room furniture is what I call “placeholder” furniture.  Meaning it will have to do until I find the right piece at the right price.

I have been longing for a new console table to put behind my couch.  I was browsing One Kings Lane and found this one.

greek key console

It combines two of my favorite things:  Greek Key and Marble!  That is probably why it costs $2,855.00  Just SLIGHTLY out of my “console budget.”

I found it in the Vintage and Market Finds section on One Kings Lane.  Did you know that they have new sales everyday on vintage and antique items?  It is like an online Antique Faire.  Love it!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


If Money Were No Object . . .

This edition of “If Money Were No Object” is dedicated to all of those dog lovers out there.  I hate to admit it, but there was a time when I thought that having a dog was comparable to having a child, and would probably have bought this for my dog.

fidos dog bed

wisteria dog daybed Wisteria

Yes, you saw it right, it is a dog bed that looks like a French Settee.  I posted here about how I really wanted a similar couch for my living room.  Might not be practical for me, but for my dog??  Hell to the yeah.

For $400 it could be mine.  Come on . . . Look at him . . . He is worth it right??

IMG_1195 A lap dog rocking a blue bow totally needs his own french settee.  Don’t you agree?

What types of over the top things have you bought for your dog?  Designer sweaters, pet carriers?  I won’t tell anyone.  I am just as guilty!!

If Money Were No Obejct

Happy Friday!!  Oh, how I love my Friday post.  I get to peruse the web in search of beautiful objects, pretending if only for a moment . . . that they are mine!

Up today is this amazing bamboo bar cart.

bar cart 2

This brass beauty would set me back $3,250.  I found it on 1stdibs.  1stdibs is where high-end designers shop for clients where money REALLY is no object!

Not only is this piece financially impractical right now, it is also impractical space-wise and because I have small children.  I can just see my girls climbing on it and knocking down barware and decanters!!  But hey, this was never meant to be a practical post.

I have a ton of decanters and glassware given to us as wedding gifts, that are tucked away (far away) from my children.  But maybe one day, when they are older, it will be resurrected and placed on a cart similar to this one.

If you are lucky you could find something similar at an estate sale or antique mall.  I must find a knock-off!!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I might just be seen at an estate sale or two this weekend!