Have you tried Framebridge???

I am so excited today to share with you an awesome source for custom online framing.  If you haven’t heard of them, Framebridge offers the most unique and amazing frames and makes the entire process entirely seamless.

We had taken family photos last fall and per usual, I had done nothing with them.  I was excited to try Framebridge as I had heard rave reviews about them from other bloggers.

They make it beyond easy.  First, you pick out your frame.  They have an amazing selection of frames that you can’t find anywhere else.  I chose this gold bamboo frame called “Mandalay “ for my photo.  This frame had me at “hello.” If you have been around here for a while, you know my obsession with faux bamboo!

Next, you either upload a photo or mail in a physical photo or piece of art.  Don’t worry, they send you a secure pre-paid mailer to mail in your piece.  Within days, they mail you your beautifully framed artwork.

Here are the girls holding our framed family photo.

Here is the frame once it made its way to our wall.  Don’t you think it complements my favorite blue and white wallpaper well?

Here are a few other frame choices I really like.  I am really obsessed with this burl wood frame, which is so in right now.  I have a few ideas for things I might frame in this.  I mean, seriously, where else can you get a burl wood frame??

I could not be more pleased with the process, service and craftsmanship at Framebridge.  If you are waiting to frame that perfect piece of art or family photos, or to create that gallery wall, look no further.  And, just for my readers, I have an exclusive promo code for you to save 15% off your first Framebridge purchase.  Just enter decoratingdelirium15 at checkout!

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*This is not a sponsored post.  Framebridge did provide a product for my review, but all opinions, as always, are my own.

Book Review: Learning to See Creatively

Hi friends!  Ever since I started blogging, I have been trying to improve my photography skills. To be a truly great blogger, you really have to be a jack-of-all-trades.  A creative, a writer, a photographer, and a tech guru all rolled into one.

Looking back at my first photos on the blog, I want to cringe.  There is so much more that goes into creating the perfect photos than most people realize  Things can look so great in person and just turn out ho-hum in a photo.  I am by no means an expert photographer, but I have picked up a few tricks along the way, mostly by trial and error.  I am always looking to add new skills to my arsenal.  I didn’t have the time to take a full-blown class, so instead, I picked up the book Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson.

Learning to see Creatively

This book completely changed my perspective on how I approach taking photos.  The book starts out challenging how we see photography  It distinguishes human vision versus what we see in “camera” vision.  It challenges you to move around, climb a tree, lay on the ground, or do whatever you need to do to have a different view of your subject.

Peterson also spends a considerable amount of time analyzing what makes for a striking photo. The elements of shape, form, pattern and color are all analyzed.  The most practical part of the book was the chapter on composition.  It details tricks of the trade, such as the rule of thirds that help the pros compose award-wining photos.

The book is filled with color soaked, beautiful images.  There are many side-by-side photos of the same shot explaining why one is a better photo.  Each image also details exactly what setting the camera was on, so it can be understood and possibly recreated.

I have to admit that the book is lacking in one regard.  It has a small chapter on Photoshop.  In my opinion, too small.  It is a very small chapter and really emphasizes that one should not be relying on Photoshop to create the perfect photo.  I suppose if you are truly an expert photographer, like the author Photoshop is not really needed to create the perfect image.  However, for me, who is sometimes taking in photos in less than ideal conditions, it can be a godsend.  At the end of the day, I suppose if you want a book all about Photoshop, you can read one of the hundreds on the subject.

Anyone from a novice to a professional photographer can take something away from this book. For me, the best parts were the tips on how to think outside of the box when approaching your subject.  I still have so much to learn, but this book has inspired me to keep practicing and experimenting.






**I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.  All opinions, as always, are my own


A Pop of Chartreuse in the Dining Room

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!! I am starting to get that refreshed New Year feeling at last, and I think the bright pop of color I added to my dining room has helped.  I have been looking for an affordable piece of art for my dining room for “ages,” as my daughter would say.  I just can’t find the right piece for my space at the right price. So, in the meantime, I have had this room decorative room screen/divider that was taking up space in my garage.  It was inherited from my husband’s grandmother and was a really solid and sturdy piece. DIY Decorative Screen Room Divider

I also really liked that it had beautiful decorative scroll work on it.  I thought if I painted it the right color, it would make do as artwork until I found the right piece of art.  My dining room has really muted tones and lacks color.   I have a beautiful black and white photograph framed and I thought a pop of chartreuse would pair nicely with it. I chose the color Citronette from the Home Decorator’s Collection at the Home Depot.  This photo actually makes it look more mustard yellow than it actually is in person.  Paint is madening that way!!

CItronette Home Depot Home Decorator's Collection Chartreuse

So after two coats of primer, and two coats of Citronette.  Here is what it looks like.  Not too bad for the cost of a quart of paint, right?? DIY Painted Decorative Screen Room Divider Chartreuse

Please try to ignore the dust all over my buffet!  I have not started my new year’s cleaning yet 🙂

DIY Painted Decorative Screen Room Divider Chartreuse

You can see the decorative scroll work in this close up photo.

DIY Painted Decorative Screen Room Divider Chartreuse

In this photo, you can see how it pops against the black and white framed photo on the other wall.

DIY Painted Decorative Screen Room Divider Chartreuse Pop of color

What do you think?  Do you like the jolt of color or is it way to much for you? The good news is that when I tire of it, I will hopefully have found a new the perfect piece of art to replace it with. Have a wonderful weekend friends!!

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Lean On Me: Propping Artwork

Maybe it is because I am about to sign divorce papers every time I have my husband hang anything in our house, but I have become a big fan of leaning or propping artwork.  I posted here about a mirror that took AGES  to make its way onto the wall.

In our home, the art starts out sitting on a table or on the floor because I hate to nag my husband one more time!  Overtime, I find myself growing to like the way it looks and in some instances, I keep it leaning rather than hang it.

Done right, this look can appear perfectly put together despite being unfinished.  It is a great way decorate a mantle, console table or even adorn the floor. Check out these examples of how to lean artwork without it looking like you forgot to hang it!

Propped art pinterest



propped art apartment therapy


Apartment Therapy

propped art better homes and gardens


Better Homes and Gardens

Propped art hgtv


propped art lonny 3


propped art lonny 2


Propped art lonny


propped art pinterest 2


propped art pinterest 3 Lonny

What do you think?  Have you ever decided to forego the hammer and nails?

My Latest Obsession

I posted here about this app that can turn your camera phone photos into watercolor paintings.  I finally tried it out and I am OBSESSED.  The app is called Waterlogue.  I have been wanting to create a gallery wall on a small wall in my home and I definitely want to use this app to create some custom art.

Here are some before and after photos I took while experimenting.  The watercolor looks so realistic!!


Painted in Waterlogue


Painted in Waterlogue


Painted in Waterlogue


Painted in Waterlogue


Painted in Waterlogue

What do you think?  I think you can create some really interesting pieces for the cost of a $2.99 app!

Artwork From Minted.com

We have all heard of the site Minted for beautiful invitations and cards.  However, did you know you can also by custom art from them as well?  It is really affordable and so many pieces would be great additions to a gallery wall.  There are also so many prints that would be amazing in a nursery or child’s room.

Here are some of my favorite picks:

minted 1

The Fields 7″ x 5″ – $20.00

Minted 2 Ruffled Feather  5″x 7″ – $20.00

Minted 3 Out to Sea 5″x  7″ – $20.00

Minted 4

Feathered Arrows 5″x 7″ -$20.00

minted 5 California Succulent 8″x 8″ – $25.00

Here are some of my favorites for children’s spaces:

Minted kids 1

Giraffe and Mouse 5″x 7″ – $24.00

minted kids 2

Elephant Bums -8″x 8″ -$24.00

minted kids 4

Greatest Adventure -8″x 8″ – $29.00

minted kids 3

Alphabet Showers – 5″ x 7″ – $24.00

minted kdis 5

Bee Yourself -7″x 5″ -$24.00

Have you ever purchased art from Minted.com?  If so, what are your favorite prints?

Vertical Succulent Wall Art

I am coming off of one of the worst gardening years I have had in a LONG time.  I am praying it is because we are in a new space and I have yet to figure out what grows well in certain places (and not because I am losing my semi-green thumb)!

Sooo, I was reading about creating vertical wall art with succulents and it looked so fun and unique (and low maintenance)!  Check out these beautiful photos of artwork that can be created with these easy to grow plants.

verticalGarden2 (1) Inspiration Green


Inspiration Green

bright green

Inspiration Green

You can find out how do DIY this beautiful art here over at Better Homes and Gardens.
Another vertical option would be these hanging beauties.
I think I might be able to keep these alive and they are so low maintenance!!  What do you think?
Have you gardened with succulents or brought them into your home as art?