Going Digital with Holiday Cards

Hi everyone!  I’m thinking of taking a different approach for my holiday cards this year.  Does this scenario sound familiar?  Spend way to much money on a photographer to take your family photos.  Wait to the last minute to order the perfect holiday card that seemed reasonably priced until there were ridiculous charges for special card shapes, unique envelope liners and shimmer paper.  The cards arrive and you procrastinate addressing them.  Some never make it to their recipients by December 25th?

Despite my promises every year to, “Be more organized this year,” the same thing happens to me every year.  This year, I have decided to save myself the headache, save some trees, and go digital with a holiday card from Paperless Post.

The process could not be easier.  You simply upload your photo (if you want to use one), customize the card, enter in your recipient email addresses and hit send.  Then if you are type A like me, you add it to your to-do list and then very proudly cross holiday cards off you list.

Here is the card I opted for this year.  I love its simplicity and pop of red.  It is like a present you can’t wait to open.


Here are a few other options from Paperless Post I really love.

You likely know of my Greek Key obsession!

This one brings me back to the sleepless nights of having newborns that I thought would never end!

What about you?  Have you ordered your holiday cards this year?  Save yourself the headache and some trees and go digital!

**This post was in collaboration with Anagram Interactive.   All opinions, as always, are my own.


Home Goals for 2017

Hi everyone!!  We have done a lot to our home since we bought it in 2015.  We have remodeled a bathroom, done electrical work, and painted almost every room in the house.  Did I ever tell you that when we purchased the home, the City required that we replace a huge chunk of sidewalk on the side of the house??  It cost around $2,500 and definitely not where I wanted to put my home improvement dollars! So, alas, for this year, we have many more projects on the horizon.

Here are my top 4 home goals for 2017.

First, we want to refinish the hardwood floors in our home.  They are beautiful, but looking pretty weathered.  We also found out that the floor in our kitchen are not real hardwood.  So, we are going to be pulling them up and replacing them with wood to match the rest of the house.  I am really tempted to do a fun pattern like this one.

Next up is our garage.  Who am I kidding, I should really call it a storage unit.  Many of the homes in our neighborhood were built in the 1920’s and have very little storage, because well, in the 1920’s, people did not have nearly as much crap as we do.  I find that very few people in our neighborhood actually put cars in their garages. Rather, it is an overflow space used for added storage.

That is what we have been doing and right now our garage is so full of junk you can hardly walk around.  It is where I store extra kids toys, furniture for future DIY projects (my husband loves this), and storage containers.

So, my goal in the new year is to donate or sell the items, so we can use the space in a functional way.  Here is my dream garage, but I will settle for just being able to walk around.

Third, I really really want to redo our master bedroom.  The bedding we have is from our wedding 12 years ago and it is tired and dirty.  When we moved in several years ago, I made do with what we had and paired everything with our existing bedding which was cream and tan.  It is officially the room I like least in our house and that is just a shame considering how much time I spend in it.  I am ready for a big refresh, including painting the walls, new bedding and even maybe a new bed. I am thinking about going with navy and blush as my color scheme, but I also like this navy and green.

Finally, I want to improve the exterior of our home.  I would really love to paint it this spring. However, I am having such a hard time deciding on colors.  Compared to the inside of a home, the paint choice feels so permanent! According to the records on the home, it was not painted that long ago, but there are certain areas that are starting to show wear.  Of course, with this, I would also like to replace window frames and some windows, so that is where things get expensive.

There you have it.  I tried to keep my list to something practical, both time-wise and budget-wise!

Do you set home goals in the new year?  If so, tell me yours in the comments.  I promise to hold you accountable!


Our 2016 Holiday Card with Tiny Prints

Hi friends!!  I am so excited to have received our 2016 holiday cards from Tiny Prints.  I am in LOVE with them.

I bit the bullet this year and got professional photographs taken.  I haven’t done that since my girls were 3 and 1. Let me tell you, it was a challenging photo shoot when they were that young, and we truly only got one good shot of all of us.  Shall I say I was a bit too confident this year.  I thought to myself, “This is going to be a breeze now that they are 7 and 5.”  “Wrong,” I say now back to my smug self!

About 5 minutes into the shoot, my girls were lovingly hugging for one of the photos.  Then the photographer says, “Now make a funny face.”  My 5-year old Audrey proceeds to jump up, hitting my 7-year old Charlotte in the jaw, causing her to bust open her lip.  This is blood gushing all over the outfits I painstakingly planned to match but not be to “matchy-matchy”(everyone is as neurotic as me and does this, right?)  Then, to make matters worse, while my husband and I are taking solo shots (to let the bleeding stop, of course), Audrey proceeds to get into my purse and “apply” my lipstick all over her face.  I don’t think I will take professional photos for another two years!

That being said, our photos and our cards still turned out lovely.

This year, I went with a very simple card that speaks for itself.  I really wanted the photo to shine. We went with a personalized gold foil option and it is so chic.  Tiny Prints has an amazing selection of holiday cards, especially unique ones such as personalized foil, glitter and laser cut that are hard to find anywhere else.


It’s not too late to order cards or personalized gifts from Tiny Prints!.  You can see their entire selection here in their digital catalog.  Now I just need to get to addressing all of mine!

I hope that you and yours are truly enjoying your holiday season so far.

Until next time . . .



Bohemian Mexican Style

Hi everyone!!  I don’t believe I have mentioned it here on the blog, but I am beyond excited that I am taking a cruise to Mexico next week!!  I am not a hug fan of winter (yes, I know . . .boo hoo California girl), so the thought of going somewhere tropical in the dead of winter has me giddy. My entire extended family is going so hopefully it will be tons of fun, but with family, you never know!

Mexico 1


So of course, I am already thinking about what I am going to scout out in the world of home decor. I have always loved the bohemian style of Mexican decor.  I really love their textiles, so that is what I plan to be on the lookout for.  From vibrant patterns to simple whites, these textiles have something to offer everyone.

Mexican Decor 2


Mexican Decor 3


Mexican Decor 6


Mexican Decor 4


Mexican Decor 5


Mexican Decor 1


Mexican Decor 7


Oh, I can feel the warm breeze already.  Do you like the relaxed bohemian style of modern Mexican decor?  I enjoy it, but would use it as an accessory or accent rather than the design for an entire room!

I will be taking the week off from blogging, but you can follow along on my travel adventures via Instagram!




Book Review: Learning to See Creatively

Hi friends!  Ever since I started blogging, I have been trying to improve my photography skills. To be a truly great blogger, you really have to be a jack-of-all-trades.  A creative, a writer, a photographer, and a tech guru all rolled into one.

Looking back at my first photos on the blog, I want to cringe.  There is so much more that goes into creating the perfect photos than most people realize  Things can look so great in person and just turn out ho-hum in a photo.  I am by no means an expert photographer, but I have picked up a few tricks along the way, mostly by trial and error.  I am always looking to add new skills to my arsenal.  I didn’t have the time to take a full-blown class, so instead, I picked up the book Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson.

Learning to see Creatively

This book completely changed my perspective on how I approach taking photos.  The book starts out challenging how we see photography  It distinguishes human vision versus what we see in “camera” vision.  It challenges you to move around, climb a tree, lay on the ground, or do whatever you need to do to have a different view of your subject.

Peterson also spends a considerable amount of time analyzing what makes for a striking photo. The elements of shape, form, pattern and color are all analyzed.  The most practical part of the book was the chapter on composition.  It details tricks of the trade, such as the rule of thirds that help the pros compose award-wining photos.

The book is filled with color soaked, beautiful images.  There are many side-by-side photos of the same shot explaining why one is a better photo.  Each image also details exactly what setting the camera was on, so it can be understood and possibly recreated.

I have to admit that the book is lacking in one regard.  It has a small chapter on Photoshop.  In my opinion, too small.  It is a very small chapter and really emphasizes that one should not be relying on Photoshop to create the perfect photo.  I suppose if you are truly an expert photographer, like the author Photoshop is not really needed to create the perfect image.  However, for me, who is sometimes taking in photos in less than ideal conditions, it can be a godsend.  At the end of the day, I suppose if you want a book all about Photoshop, you can read one of the hundreds on the subject.

Anyone from a novice to a professional photographer can take something away from this book. For me, the best parts were the tips on how to think outside of the box when approaching your subject.  I still have so much to learn, but this book has inspired me to keep practicing and experimenting.






**I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.  All opinions, as always, are my own



Merry Christmas 2015

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of my readers!  I realize there are a million amazing blogs out there and I really appreciate that you take them time to see what inspiration is going on in my world.

This has been a great year for me and the blog.  I had some amazing partnerships with some great brands and we purchased our dream home.  Next year, I hope to show you the progress as we renovate the home and hope to post more frequently!

Anyway . . . I hope you have an amazing Holiday and thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading!



Our 2015 Holiday Card

Hi friends!  I recently had a friend ask on Facebook if we thought the internet had killed the Christmas card.  With all of the digital options these days, I could see how one could think that might be true.

However, one of the things I look forward to each holiday season, is getting the mail and seeing Christmas cards with our smiling friends and family on the cover.  Given our busy and hectic lives these days it is nice to connect with people we don’t see all the time.

I love doing a card each year.  Here is our 2015 Holiday Card.  I tend to prefer jewel tones for Christmas rather than traditional red and green.  Hence, our card is “Merry and Bright.”  It is from the Tiny Prints holiday card collection.

Tiny Prints Holiday Card 4

Tiny Prints Holiday Card 1

In order to make sending the cards a breeze, I used these coordinating personalized address labels.  One less thing to do!

Tiny Prints Holiday Card 5

As if sticking a sticker on is not easy enough, I also have this personalized address stamp I will use.  I have wanted one of these for years and now that we are finally in our “forever” home, I can justify it.

Tiny Prints Holiday Card 3

Tiny Prints Holiday Card 2

What do you think?  Do you like to stray from red and green once in a while?  Do you think the internet killed the Christmas card?  Do send cards every year?



A Call For Preservation

Hi all!  If you are a regular reader, you know we just purchased our dream home.  You can read all about it in this post.  Now that our purchase is finalized, we are in the process of selling our first home.   We were elated when we got an offer for our full asking price, as we were in a crunch to sell to avoid the dreaded double mortgage payment.  That was until we found out that they planned on tearing it down!

Yes, you heard that right.  They planned on tearing down our beloved first home.  The home where we walked through the threshold as newlyweds, where we brought our first-born home from the hospital.  The place so charming someone once called it the cottage where snow-white once lived.


I get it.  Old homes are filled with headaches.  Old electrical, old pluming, the list goes on and on. However, for all of those headaches, there is craftsmanship and detail of a time gone by.  The new homes today are simply not built with the same.  I also get the need for more closet space (those home were definitely not meant to accommodate modern-day wardrobes.)

However, I don’t understand the need for more and more space, just for the sake of having more. The neighborhood where we live and where our old home is has beautiful and unique period homes from the 1920′ s and 1930’s.   No home is exactly alike and it is just that character that I love so much.  Many of the homes, however, have been replaced by “McMansions” that are overbuild on the lots, tower over the neighbors, and look like boxes with windows.

It is this type of McMansion that I fear for our old home and the neighbors we hold dear.  We are in a tight spot and need to accept this offer, however, I fully intend to write the future owners and express my opinion as to the importance of preserving the home’s character.




What do you think?  I think she is worth it (yes, I call the home a “she.”) Would you do the same? Do you love old homes as much as I do?

Stay tuned, I will post the letter I write soon.



Our New Home!!

Hi lovely readers!  I have exciting news to share.  I have been hinting around recently about an exciting development for our family.  I am tickled pink to announce that we have purchased a new home!!

New House 1

We have been renting this house for 3 years and the owners decided they wanted to sell it.  I could not imagine moving and there was so little on the market where we wanted to be, I was praying we could swing it to buy the house.  After much nagging and selective suggesting, I convinced my husband we could do it.

New House 6

My little ladies were pretty happy about it too!  My oldest’s best friend lives next door, so she made the decision that we were NOT moving.


The photos are terrible and are either cell phone pics or old MLS photos, so forgive me.  The home was built in 1927 and while it needs tons of work, it has “good bones” as they say. Hardwood floors, molding, built-ins, swoon!  It is in a wonderful neighborhood that is full of old homes with character and the bonus is it is very close to all of our parents.

New House 2

New House 4

New House 3

The kitchen and master bath are my least favorite, but it could be worse.  The best news is that the home inspection revealed that there was dry rot coming from the hideous 1990’s ice block window, so the homeowners agreed to re-do the bathroom.  This was all outside of our purchase price.

So, I am basically getting a re-model for free!!

New House 5

Here is what it looks like now.  Eeek!!  I am in the process of picking out tile and fixtures and it is oh so fun!

IMG_1130 (2)

I am so excited to finally own this home that I have put my heart and soul into decorating!  I have SOOOO many projects and very little budget to do them.  Don’t tell my husband!!  So, the good news is there are going to be a ton of DIY and renovation reveals coming on the blog.

Follow along as you see how our new home progresses.  I also plan to do a bunch of live posts on Periscope, so make sure you follow me.  You can read all about Periscope here.

Now I am off to see about selling our other home!  Never a dull day.



$100 Pottery Barn Gift Card Winner and Find Me On Periscope

Hi friends!  I wanted to pop in this weekend and announce the winner of the $100 Pottery Barn gift card.

Pottery Barn Giveaway

Karen Dunlap you are the lucky winner!!  I have e-mailed you the details.  Happy shopping!!

I also wanted to do a little public service announcement on a fun new social media outlet called Periscope.  Long story short, Periscope is a very new social media app that allows users to broadcast live anytime anywhere.  It is brought to you by Twitter.  Once you begin to follow people you will get an announcement that they are live and you can interact with them in real-time.  It is sort of like Facebook or Instagram with video.

You might be thinking- oh  no, another social media to learn and distract from my life.  But Periscope is actually really fun, and sort of addictive.  As a DIY blogger, I really like it in that I can live broadcast a DIY project or ask for opinions on decorating projects.

I am now on Periscope and the fun thing is it is so  new, no one knows what they are doing!  If you watch one of my broadcasts you will crack up.  I am trying to talk while focusing my camera and then trying to flip the screen all while responding to comments.  Hot mess.  I am sure I will get better, but definitely not for the amateur.

I have a feeling Periscope is going to catch on and become pretty big.  So my advice to you is to go here and take 5 minutes to sign up for Periscope.  Even if you don’t want to use it right away, you can snag your username of choice before it is taken!  Then once you are signed up, be sure to find me @Decordelirium.  I plan to broadcast lots of DIY tips and projects as well as some fun glimpses into our life.

PSA over.  Go back to your regularly scheduled programming and have a great rest of the weekend!