Bohemian Mexican Style

Hi everyone!!  I don’t believe I have mentioned it here on the blog, but I am beyond excited that I am taking a cruise to Mexico next week!!  I am not a hug fan of winter (yes, I know . . .boo hoo California girl), so the thought of going somewhere tropical in the dead of winter has me giddy. My entire extended family is going so hopefully it will be tons of fun, but with family, you never know!

Mexico 1


So of course, I am already thinking about what I am going to scout out in the world of home decor. I have always loved the bohemian style of Mexican decor.  I really love their textiles, so that is what I plan to be on the lookout for.  From vibrant patterns to simple whites, these textiles have something to offer everyone.

Mexican Decor 2


Mexican Decor 3


Mexican Decor 6


Mexican Decor 4


Mexican Decor 5


Mexican Decor 1


Mexican Decor 7


Oh, I can feel the warm breeze already.  Do you like the relaxed bohemian style of modern Mexican decor?  I enjoy it, but would use it as an accessory or accent rather than the design for an entire room!

I will be taking the week off from blogging, but you can follow along on my travel adventures via Instagram!





  1. Definitely some great ideas how to incorporate color into your home. Thank you for sharing Jennifer!

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