Around The Net . . .

In case you need to waste some time this weekend, I have collected some links to my favorite ideas from around the internet.

  • This app that can turn photos into watercolor paintings sounds amazing.




  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day, check out this tutorial on how to make a handmade gilded arrow.

diy embellished gloves

  • Just sign up for Room In a Box and your beautiful design board will arrive in the mail!


What about you?  Have you found any inspiration online lately?


  1. Brooke Sommerdorf says:

    I go through all of your ideas and I love them! I’ve done a few of them already. I got this wood frame couch off of craigslist the other day for $50.00 and here’s a link that I found on pinterest to make it Adorable. Mine is oak color right now.

    I know you have a ton of ideas for indoors, so I thought this would be great for an outdoor feature.

    • Hi Brooke! I love the idea. The one on Pinterest turned out so cute! That is a great idea for an outdoor feature, especially with Spring on the way! If you could send me some before and after pictures of yours, I would love to feature it on the blog! Thanks so much for reading.


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