An Ode To The Rug Pad: A RugpadUSA Rug Pad Review

You keep the rug from slip sliding away. But you hide under beautiful rugs all day. You add to the plush feel underfoot. Yet no one gives you a second look. No one appreciates the hard work you do. That is why I wrote this poem for you. I promise that my product reviewing skills are better than my poetry!  In all seriousness, I was beyond thrilled when RugpadUSA offered to send me an amazing environmentally safe rug pad to try out.  I had heard great things about RugpadUSA’s rug pads from other bloggers.  I selected the Eco-Solid rug pad in a 5×7.   I selected the Eco-Solid rug because I have small kids and a dog who are often playing on the rug and I wanted it to be environmentally friendly. The area rug in my dinning room had a really old rug pad that was just not staying put any longer, so I wanted to try the new rug pad in this room.  Here is the rug that I needed to stay put! IMG_7441 First, when the rug pad arrived, I noticed it was practically odor free and did not have that chemical smell that some rug pads have.  So far, I am very pleased with my RugpadUSA Eco-Solid rug pad.  The rug pad is nice and thick and adds an added plushness to the carpet.  My dinning room is a high traffic area and the rug has stayed put.  Hopefully, with time, it will hold strong. IMG_7413 IMG_7447 I would highly recommend ordering your next rug pad from RugpadUSA.  You can shop by rug type, size, or material type.  You can even have a custom rug pad made!  They also sell outdoor rug pads.  It is your one stop shop for all your rug pad needs and has excellent prices.  We are very happy with our new rug pad.  Now all I need is a new rug! This is a product review.  The rug pad was provided by RugpadUSA, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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